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Welcome to SkiGenie, a personalized search engine that allows you to navigate the equipment universe in order to find the right skis.


As a life-long ski enthusiast and a former ski racer, I demand top performance from my skis. However, after transitioning to a lifestyle of recreational skiing, I found myself without the time and resources to test and vet my equipment decisions.  Equipment is an investment; and so I designed SkiGenie. Our program analyzes the universe of skis produced each season providing you with accurate personalized recommendations.  SkiGenie’s ski finder program takes the traditional gear guide to the next level by also addressing why a recommendation is right for you. In a brick and mortar retail store you are limited by two factors, 1) the salesman is not necessarily an expert and 2) the size of a store limits the breadth of product.


Let SkiGenie’s industry expertise help you make an informed decision and find your magic for the mountain!  Skiing is about enjoying the mountains, good friends and good food, so get the right gear and you’ll have a great time.  



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“SkiGenie, a website that’s poised to do for skis what Amazon did for… everything but skis.” – UrbanDaddy

“Ride the right pair, with help from SkiGenie.com” – Thrillist


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Telephone: (508) GENIE-10 (508) 436-4310 . Our logo is the creation of artist Max Siebel.

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"SkiGenie is reading my mind: 2 of my skis were listed in its top 5 powder/backcountry skis for 'me'"

"Ride the right pair, with help from SkiGenie.com"

"SkiGenie, a website that's poised to do for skis what Amazon did for... everything but skis"