Most Popular Ski Goggles

February 3rd, 2015

It’s difficult to ski if you can’t see… Having a trusty pair of high quality ski goggles with the right lens tint, that fit comfortably on your face and helmet, and don’t fog makes your day on the slopes that much more enjoyable and safe. Here is a list of top men’s, women’s and unisex ski goggles that fit the bill, and are highly regarded for unique tech features, style, quality and durability. When selecting goggles it is important to make sure they fit your face and are compatible with your helmet. With so many stylish options out there we hope this list of the best recommendations for 2015 is helpful.


Smith I/O (Unisex)

cool, modern styling – the standard in lens interchangeability – multitude of color/lens options ($$$)

Smith I/OX unisex ski goggles

Smith I/O

SkiGenie Recommendation: Even with new lens interchangeability technologies from other brands, Smith’s I/O sets the standard. Having one high quality goggle with a few different lenses is the best way to go, because it will always fit the same, yet it can adapt with you to what the day brings. Classic, modern styling in more color and lens combinations than you can wear in a season.

Description: When we created the I/O, it was a category killer.

What Skiers Say:

  • Such an attractive design that fits my helmet perfectly. Loved that it comes with spare lenses for low visibility days. Feels very high quality and the customer service is absolutely superb – they were very quick and helpful about replacing my frame after I broke it!
  • Works as advertised, rain or shine. The I/O fits great. So the website is correct in the sizing. The lens for both are the same technology, and I wore them in 50+ degree rain and -5 degree wind. The goggles did not fog in either. I’ve switched the lenses out multiple times, and they were a little tricky at first. But after a couple changes I figured them out and now they are easy to change quickly. I’d buy these again, and recommend them.

Find them on sale for $175 or less at Backcountry, Tahoe Mtn Sports, US Outdoor Store


Spy Trevor Goggle (Unisex)

simple style – standard tech features – great value ($)

Spy Trevor green tinted mirrored goggles

Spy Trevor

SkiGenie Recommendation: A great goggle option at a low price, fit with style and the tech features you need. The Trevor is a low profile, streamlined style goggle without flashy gimmicks, yet includes great venting, a comfortable, universal fit, and lens options that will keep you from squinting or fogging up.

Description: Retro-inspired styling meets modern technology. A flexible polyurethane frame conforms to any face for a comfortable fit, dual-lens system has anti-fog and anti-scratch protection, 100% UV protection, and is helmet compatible with most popular helmets.

What Skiers Say:

Find it on sale from $60 – $75 or less at Backcountry, Sun & Ski, The House, US Outdoor Store


Oakley Canopy (Unisex)

unique design – massive field of view – large fit – high tech features – helmet compatible

Oakley Canopy black and purple sick ski goggles

Oakley Canopy

SkiGenie Recommendation: The unique design of a large lens with a narrower frame in the Canopy goggle creates a viewing experience like none other. It’s like you’ve opened a window to the world. You won’t go back to a smaller, more traditional goggle design. Jam packed with technology from the lens treatment, pliable frame material and moisture wicking foam, this goggle has it all, plus a whole lot of style.

Description: Don’t settle for the tunnel vision of ordinary goggles. The razor-sharp optics filter out 100% of all UV, and with the combination of dual vented lens architecture and anti-fog coating, you’ll have superior protection against the threat of fog‑ups.

What Skiers Say:

  • These goggles are by far the best, most incredible pair I have ever had in over 40 years of skiing. They even fit over my glasses and do not fog up here in the Pacific Northwest where we get some pretty sketchy wet weather. The field of vision is incredible and the two lenses that come with the goggles cover the range.
  • The contrast that is provided when looking at snow during skiing really helps when going down the slope. Thank you for the great product.
  • The first time is skied in the Oakley Canopy it was game changing. The oversized lens in this goggle gives you an unreal field of view. After using this goggle, whenever I use a more standard midsize goggle it feels so small and all I notice is how much of the goggle I actually see while skiing. Once you use the canopy it will be hard to ever go back to a midsize goggle again.

Find it on sale for $130 or less at Backcountry, Berg’s Ski & Snowboard Shop, Evo, Mountain Gear,, SummitOnline, The House


Uvex Fire lite mirror (Unisex)

basic, classic styling – mirrored solar protection lens – lightweight – high value ($)

Uvex Fire all black classic cheap ski goggles

Uvex Fire

SkiGenie Recommendation: A basic yet classic goggle from Uvex that includes high tech features like mirrored solar protection with a wider footprint for greater field of view. With more masculine or feminine color options, guys and gals alike can enjoy a great value in this goggle as a backup pair to a higher end goggle, or as a trusty pair for the weekend warrior on a budget.

Description: Your burning passion for powder always shows in your eyes, so protect them with Uvex’s Fire Lite Mirror Goggle. Apart from its mirrored surface, Supravision’s coating resists reflection and glare. The lens also protects your eyes from UVA, UVB, UVC, and infrared rays.

What Skiers Say:

  • An in depth comparison of a low cost Uvex goggle to a higher priced goggle, with comprehensive pros and cons for each based on uses in various conditions here:

Find it on sale for $80 or less at Backcountry and REI


Anon M1 (Unisex)

cutting edge lens interchangeability – wide peripheral view – fits face with or without helmet ($)

Anon M1 retro style hot ski goggles

Anon M1

SkiGenie Recommendation: Anon’s M1 goggle is for the skier on the go, who must stay at the front of the line in the latest and greatest technology. The ground breaking ease in changing out your lens is a game changer for skiers who experience variable conditions on the regular. This goggles is offered at an incredible value for its quality and technology.

Description: Anon’s proprietary Magna-Tech lens technology makes for the fastest, easiest lens interchangability ever. There are six magnets holding the lens in place, and while you can swap lenses in seconds without removing the goggles, Anon’s team hasn’t been able to knock them loose, no matter how harsh the cased knuckle, or how far the overshot landing. The goggle employ 3D shaping for crystal-clear optics. Between the triple-layer face foam and the pivoting hinged strap anchors, the M1 isn’t going anywhere, even if you wear a helmet.

What Skiers Say:

  • Compared to the competition, we’ve found that both the M1 and M2 undoubtedly offer the quickest, simplest interchangeable lens system on the market, and are two of the best goggles we’ve tested to date.
  • I think the build was bomb and the quality of the product top notch.
  • Check out another compehensive review here
  • Product Video

Find it on sale from $99 – $199 or less at Backcountry, Evo, REI,, SummitOnline, The House


Zeal HD2 Camera (Unisex)

capture every moment in 12-megapixel photos or brilliant 1080p HD video + photo goggle ($$$)

Zeal HD video camera in lens ski goggle

Zeal HD2

SkiGenie Recommendation: The techy skier’s dream goggles. Gone are the days of multiple Go Pro mounts getting in your way… Now you can capture your run and create a sick edit with your just goggles! There is a whole lot of technology built into these goggles including an HD camera, but also includes the tech features of a standard goggle that you need. Yes, the price tag is high, but so is the quality and multi-purpose optionality of this game-changer.

 Description: The camera shoots 12-megapixel photos and HD video with the use of glove-friendly buttons on the side of the frame, and in addition to the Micro SD memory card storage, the HD2 can also wirelessly transfer your data directly to your phone, if you’re into that sort of thing.

What Skiers Say:

  • I live in Colorado and decided to buy a pair of these on a whim – my best friend owned the HD Camera Goggles last year, and it made our season so much more fun! On the deepest of pow days we could get all of our cliff and pillow drops on film so easily! It was amazing! They’re even better than the last version!
  • Works great and stoked on the quality!
  • For more info and user videos, check this out

Find them for sale for $499 or less at Backcountry, Evo, Mountain Gear,, SummitOnline, The House


Marker Big Picture (Men’s)

extra large field of view – superior optics – comfortable fit – helmet compatible ($$)

Marker Big Picture white strap with teal lens ski and snowboard goggle

Marker Big Picture

SkiGenie Recommendation: The field of view in the Big Picture goggles says it all… they have some of the largest lenses in the game, allowing for an almost IMAX visual experience, yet they don’t look huge on your face. Cushy foam lines the lens for a comfortable feel and will fit paired with most helmets.

Description: The big picture wins converts with top-notch engineering combined with stylish looks. The Superfit frames with V-Split nose adapt automatically to your face shape meaning the goggles fit comfortably and securely every time.

What Skiers Say:

Find it on sale for $128 or less at Backcountry


Giro Onset (Men’s)

large fit, large field of view – Carl Zeiss optics – venting & anti-fog – excellent fit with Giro helmet ($$)

Giro Onset blazing orange inexpensive price men's ski goggles

Giro Onset

SkiGenie Recommendation: New goggle trends for 2015 point toward a large field of view, and the Giro Onset is no exception. A wide field of view and a ton of cool color and lens options round out the tech features of this goggle as a great investment in a solid piece of gear.

Description: Crisp clear optics with a Carl Zeiss vision lens, a low profile spherical frame design, and unmatched field of view. The Onset offers a full array of premium features and lens options plus seamless helmet compatibility for superior performance, comfort, fit and function.

What Skiers Say:

  • They really do have an amazingly large viewport. Or rather, you don’t really see the goggles at all. You just see the world around you. I put back on my old goggles, and I felt like I was driving a tank or something.
  • Pay attention to the lens tints – I really wanted the cobalt blue lens, but I chose Amber Scarlet because I wanted a good all-day, variable-conditions choice. I’m really happy I did- a darker lens would have been too dark. These were just right. I wasn’t blinded in full sun, and I could still see where I was going in overcast afternoon conditions.
  • This is really a great goggle. I love everything about them. It’s basically like skiing without goggles since the field of vision is so big. They have a very comfy fit with or without the helmet. I haven’t had any issues with fogging. I mainly ski with the Persimmon lens. I can’t be bothered switching things around. This tint work great in all conditions and most importantly it allows you to see the terrain in difficult or flat light conditions.

Find it on sale for $149 or less at Backcountry, Berg’s Ski & Snowboard Shop, Eastern Mountain Sports, REI,, SummitOnline


Smith I/O7 (Men’s)

even easier lens interchangeability – large frame and field of view – lots of color and lens combinations ($$$)

Smith I/O7 ultimate men's ski goggle

Smith I/O7

SkiGenie Recommendation: A step up from Smith’s I/O, the I/O7 has streamlined the already super easy interchangeability of the I/O and created an even cooler looking frame. A large fit and large field of view looks like you’re sponsored and fits great with a helmet.

 Description: Introducing the next level in rimless interchangeability. Where others have chosen to sacrifice fit, flexibility, and ventilation to incorporate more parts, more weight, and more gimmicks, the I/O 7 is the ultimate in minimalist performance. Single-Pivot Quick Release, AirEvac Integration technology, and Facial Geometry frame design.

What Skiers Say:

  • I love the single toggle lens change. They are tight for OTG, over the glasses. So if you have to keep moving your goggles up, ski instructor, then you probably will want to go with the I/OX.
  •  I’ve been wearing Smith for many years. This is by far their best goggle ever! Fit, feel and ease of lens change is top notch. Go out and grab your I/07’s!
  • The goggles make a super comfy seal against your face (three different foam densities!). The lenses are crisp, clear, and look awesome (Steez is important!)
  • These goggles are great for medium faces, but I wouldn’t worry too much if you have a small or large face. They come with a great lens protector as well as good instructions!

Find them on sale for $225 or less at Backcountry, Tahoe Mtn Sports, US Outdoor Store


Bolle Duchess (Women’s)

small frame – comfortable foam – feminine esthetic – great value ($)

Bolle Duchess slim fit goggles for alpine women

Bolle Duchess

SkiGenie Recommendation: A great value for a simple goggle that will hold up to the performance you demand. Cushy foam surrounds a smaller framed goggle that fits a petite face perfectly. Feminine color options round out a high tech looking frame with lens options that perform double duty for varying light and weather conditions.

 Description: Bollé’s newest goggle for women is their best yet. The chic and sleek Duchess is packed with technology to keep you fog free and enhance your vision all day long.

What Skiers Say:

  • These goggles are amazing, particularly for the price. They arrived in excellent shape and fit my small face perfectly. I was very happy with how these performed on the two overcast and snowy days that we skied. We had no extremely bright sun, but I believe these would sufficiently reduce glare on a bright day. I loved the rose tint and the clarity. I had absolutely no fogging issues or discomfort from pressure points. These goggles are an amazing value.
  • I didn’t want enormous goggles so I thought these will do the job… and they are perfect for what I was looking for. They fit perfect, the quality is amazing, and they are not too big, so the look really cute. Ideal for a mountain princess!

Find it on sale for $80 or less at Backcountry


Giro Field Goggle (Women’s)

women’s version of the Onset – large field of view, smaller frame – Carl Zeiss optics – cool, feminine colors & design ($$)

Top value pick for women's ski goggles

Giro Field

SkiGenie Recommendation: Similar technology as Giro’s Onset, yet with a women’s specific fit. The Field goggle fits with a large field of view, yet doesn’t overwhelm your face with a whole lot of goggle.

Description: Combining stunning style with groundbreaking technology, The Field is an all new women’s-specific design that adds yet another amazing option to our EXV Collection. The clean aesthetic of this medium-size, helmet compatible design are highlighted by the vast view of its spherical dual lens by Carl Zeiss, a full array of fit and function features plus colorways with style for days.

What Skiers Say:

Find it on sale for $150 or less at Backcountry, Evo, REI,, SummitOnline


Scott Dana Goggle (Women’s)

simple, feminine style and fit – helmet compatible – spherical lenses ($$)

Scott Dana purple and pink style first ski goggles

Scott Dana

SkiGenie Recommendation: A cute and simple looking goggle for the skier chick ready to shred anything, even if that’s just a green circle. These goggles will fit great with just a hat or helmet and provide a wide range of view even though they have a smaller, women’s frame size. They are packed with features you need like an anti-fog coating, great venting, and a variety of lens choices.

Description: If you’re sick of feeling like your entire face is covered by your goggles, check out the Scott Women’s Dana Goggle. Its women-specific design and fit will cover your eyes without swallowing your nose.

What Skiers Say:

  • These goggles are great – block out enough glare but not too dark even when things flatten out toward the end of the day or when it’s snowing. They’re comfortable on my face, don’t leave marks, and are a good size for my face…I also love the green color! Only down side is they fog a little too easily when your neck warmers pulled up high on your face.
  • I love these goggles! The field of view is great with these goggles I can see everything around me when I am skiing. I have had no issues with the lens fogging up, it is crystal clear all the time. They are so comfortable too, there are no weird pressure points, and they fit great with my helmet. These goggles are incredible.

Find it on sale for $120 or less at Backcountry, Berg’s Ski & Snowboard Shop,, SummitOnline


POC Retina (Women’s)

high quality optics & materials – mod style – lightweight – women’s specific fit ($$)

POC Retina goggles for wide scope of vision

POC Retina

SkiGenie Recommendation: POC is known for making a high quality goggle and the Retina Women’s is no exception, including mod styling and a sleek design. The premium lens treatment and material allows for a superior view in nearly all weather conditions. These are a great investment for the skier who takes their gear seriously, uses it in many conditions and values high style.

Description: The goggles have a soft PU mid-size frame with a triple-layer face foam for a optimal fit. The double lens is made of optical grade material and has the best anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment available to promote vision and resistance.

What Skiers Say:

  • I love the retina lens. I feel like I can see clearly! Which is always a plus when you’re on the hill. I’ve used them on sunny and overcast days with no problems. I have a medium sized face and they fit it pretty well. They’re super cushy too, due to the triple layer face foam (which makes them super comfy!) I am mostly happy with my purchase, however I do wish they were a little bit bigger.

Find them on sale for $124 or less at Backcountry,, SummitOnline


Bolle Gravity – Photochromic (Women’s)

classic styling – articulated frame hinge for ease of use & fit – advanced lens technology ($$)

Bolle Gravity no frills highly durable and well regarded ski goggle for women

Bolle Gravity

SkiGenie Recommendation: A classically styled goggle that borrows its look from the Oakley crowbars of yester-year – it features extensions on the sides of the frame for ease of use popping the up onto your head or helmet and placing them back on your face. The photochromatic lens takes the guess-work out of your morning preparations for the hill as it adapts to changing light.

Description: The Gravity has it all – performance, comfort, and style. Its spherical lens delivers a wide field of view. Equalizer technology and Flow-Tech venting keep your goggle fog free all day long. The plush triple layer face foam and Bolle’s Forestay outrigger system provides a comfortable, perfect helmet fit. The Gravity has a medium to large fit, and will have you performing in style.

What Skiers Say:

  • Pretty good googles. They were a little small on my giant head but they did the job very well. I have only used them twice and they can start to get uncomfortable by the end of the day, but I think that’s the size issue.
  • They fit like most women’s goggles, so if you’re not especially small, like I am, you may love them. They appear well made.

Find it on sale for $180 or less at Backcountry


Find additional gear reviews for the best ski goggles of 2015 here:

*Outside Online

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Women’s Best Ski Goggles Reviews 2013-2014

December 27th, 2013

If you haven’t purchased a pair of goggles in a while you may be surprised to find that there are some cutting edge new styles.  While there are still the traditional styles, manufacturers have stepped up their game in order to revolutionize your skiing experience.  New this season are rimless designs and GPS enabled models.  But don’t get carried away here, we suggest you focus on a pair that fits your face, helmet, maybe has interchangeable lenses and a wide field of vision.  The price ranges vary but generally you get what you pay for with lens quality and performance in extreme conditions (read: don’t fog up).  See our recommendations for the best ski goggles this season and let us know if we can help by answering any questions that may arise while browsing.


#1) Scott – Dana Womens Ski Goggles

best ski goggles

Scott Dana lightweight and spherical

What People Say: The telegraph lists them as the season´s best goggles “The stylish Scott Danna features a colour-block design and a fit tailored for the female face. It also an ultra-plush face foam and a light-sensitive lens that adjusts automatically in seconds to suit sunny to low lighting conditions.” And a happy customer says “I love these goggles! The field of view is great with these goggles I can see everything around me when I am skiing. I have had no issues with the lens fogging up, it is crystal clear all the time. They are so comfortable too, there are no weird pressure points, and they fit great with my helmet. These goggles are incredible.”

Recommendation: Perfect for the ski fashionista who also demands function. Strap designs are a bit flashy, so more conservative types might want to look at different options.

Find them on sale here for $99 or less


#2) Oakley – Elevate Womens Ski Goggles

Oakley Elevate Top Womens Ski Goggles

Oakley Elevate big performance most comfort

What People Say: “Purchased these to replace my A-frames which were a little small for my head, left me with a gaper gap and felt like I had tunnel vision. I purchased the Elevate w/Hi Yellow lens based on prior reviews. Have used them 15 plus times this season and they are great: don’t fog up, have a wide field of view and give the snow great definition. The Hi Yellow is great for night skiing which I do a lot of. Actually last night I skied down an unlit trail at dusk and could see better with these goggles on than with them off. The Hi Yellow is great for all conditions except on sunny days I do find myself squinting so I may purchase a replacement lens for those days.”

Recommendation: The mention of the lack of gaper gap and the suitability or night skiing shows us that this gal knows what she´s talking about. High on our list.  One of the best ski goggles out there.

Find them on sale here for $120 or less


#3) Giro – Amulet Womens Ski Goggles

Black best ski goggles

Giro Aumlet bridge optics and style

What People Say: “The Amulet is SO awesome–it really fits and flatters a smaller face, IE, for the ladies! Of course it still has all of the high-quality optics that you get from Giro, like the spherical Carl Zeiss lens. I was lucky enough to get to visit the factory in Italy where Carl Zeiss optics makes these lenses, and they do an amazing job of quality and safety testing. You can wear these with pride! Plus they look awesome. “ And this, from Freeskier “This year Giro brings a new women-specific goggle to the table in the form of the Amulet. Engineered with all the trappings of grade-A goggles—triple layer face foam, anti-fog coating, a tricked out vent system—the true power lies in Giro’s True Sight lens, built by world famous optics maker Carl Zeiss. They are taper-corrected to minimize prismatic distortion and the spherical shape matches that of the human eye, providing optics so clear you’ll forget anything is in front of your corneas. Women who want form, function and fashion, look no further than the Amulet.”

Recommendation: High fashion, functional and fog resistant. Fantastic!

Find them on sale here for $120 or less


#4) Anon – Tempest

anon makes the best goggles

anon Tempest what you need to tempt the boys

What People Say: Switchback Travel Reports: “Available in a myriad of fun colorways, the Anon Tempest is a simple, good-looking, high-end goggle. While it doesn’t have a quick-change lens system, the lens can be replaced or swapped out for varying conditions. The Tempest has flush outriggers on the sides of the frame, so it can be used with or without a helmet (we recommend with). The triple-layer face foam is soft and wicks moisture for all-day comfort. This a great goggle choice for a women who plans on bombing laps in the resort all-day long and wants to look good doing it. What we like: Edgy colorways. What we don’t: No quick-change lens system.

Recommendation: And the snow, has been psychodelicized! Apologies to Jimmy Hendrix, but these goggles look simply groovy! About that quick lens change problem: For heavens sakes, the ability to switch lenses is a relatively new feature. Skiers survived for decades without it! These are awesome goggles!

Find them on sale here for $120 or less


#5) Bolle – Monarch Polarized

best polarized womens ski goggles

Bolle Monarch double vent and polarized at a good price

What People Say: “A good all-around choice. I only had trouble when there was a major snowstorm going on and nobody could see very far. The lenses never got fogged up though and the only time the snow stuck was when I came out of a toasty on-mountain warm-up place after drinking hot chocolate. They were very comfortable on my head the whole time and unlike when I’ve skied with sunglasses on, no crying while whipping down the mountain. They didn’t scratch or ding anywhere, so good as new next time I hit the slopes.”

Recommendation: The Bolle Monarch Polarized Goggle is an excellent value for the price.  The modulator lens is good in low light condition but the Vermillon colour will change real colour of viewed objects especially in bright light condition.

Find them on sale here for $50 or less


#6) Oakley – Stockholm Womens

best bright lense ski goggles

Oakley Stockholm lots of colors in a cool cut

What People Say: “These goggles are comfortable, fit well, never fog up or get ice build up, keeps my face warm and look good. They do stick out from your face a bit but not over the top and i would say its probably normal. The main drawback is that they aren’t shaped to fit a helmet meaning that there are gaps in between the helmet and goggles. I have to wear a beanie underneath to stop my forehead and head getting cold. “ Another helmet issue: “These are some high quality goggles as you’d expect out of Oakley. The Stockholm is a cute frame for the ladies. While it’s technically helmet compatible, in my personal opinion they look funny worn with a helmet. The notch in the top of the frame creates a weird gap. If you’re a woman (or a man) with a smaller face and wear a helmet, I suggest the A Frame instead.” A ski instructor writes: “, I have found the foam on the top of the goggle has a tendency to fray and break. Oakley replaced one pair within warranty free of charge, and gave me a discount on that replacement pair when it happened to those as well outside of warranty. “

Recommendation: Although this goggle receives many favorable reviews, it´s minor issues imply that you can probably do better with a different product.

Find them on sale here for $100 or less


#7) Giro – Siren

photochromatic womens ski goggles

Giro Siren hot style and cheap price

What People Say: “Lens is awesome in low and flat light. I can finally see all the bumps and ice when it is cloudy or snowing.” “They fit perfectly and are easily adjustable.  The rose tinting is ideal for the blinding snow sun during the day. I highly recommend this product for its sleek, stylish design, easy usability and comfortable, snug fit.”  And one more satisfied customer: “Purchased for a CO ski trip. I have a smaller face, and had trouble finding a pair of goggles that fit me comfortably. Tried this style/brand on at a local store but, while I was happy with the fit, I did not like the color/design they had available. Came home, searched the web and found these at L.L.Bean. I love everything about them….the color, design, fit, and performance. They protected my eyes from the sun without being too dark, kept my face warm, and I didn’t have any trouble at all with them fogging up. The shipping was free (which is something I always look for when shopping on the internet), and reasonably fast. Great purchase, great experience!”

Recommendation: Another viable bargain goggle option with consistently good reviews.

Find them on sale here for $70 or less



#8) Smith – Virtue

green and beautiful ski goggles for women

Smith Virtue the right size with good peripheral vision

What People Say: “ I bought these for low light and they aren’t that good in it. I could barely see today…it was overcast and dreary and I could see nothing but flat white with these.” Other comments about fogging up issues.

Recommendation: You could probably do better as these are for “always sunny” but it is a good looking goggle.


Find them on sale here for $110 or less





Men’s Best Ski Goggles Reviews 2013-2014

December 24th, 2013

Let there be light.  If you haven’t purchased a pair of ski goggles in a while you may be surprised to find that there are some cutting edge new styles.  While there are still the traditional styles, manufacturers have stepped up their game in order to revolutionize your skiing experience.  New this season are rimless designs and GPS enabled models.  But don’t get carried away here, we suggest you focus on a pair that fits your face, helmet, maybe has interchangeable lenses and a wide field of vision.  The price ranges vary but generally you get what you pay for with lens quality and performance in extreme conditions (read: don’t fog up).  See our recommendations for the best ski goggles this season and let us know if we can help by answering any questions that may arise while browsing.


#1) Bolle – Nova Ski Goggles Best Mens Ski Goggles ($)

best mens ski goggles

Bolle Nova lenses adapt to lighting

What People Say: “These are my first high quality snow goggles and let me just say WOW!!! I think Bolle has found themselves a customer for life. I absolutely love the look of these goggles and the comfort is unmatchable in my book, especially for the price. I honestly forget I’m wearing them sometimes, they are that comfy. I’ve never had any fogging issues because of the awesome design Bolle has implemented which allows air flow to pass in between the lenses. Granted you need to be moving somewhat for there to be any air blowing on the goggles, but still, I’ve had no fogging thus far. The only big recommendation I have is go for the modulator lenses, they may cost a little more, but you will not be disappointed! I’ve used these goggles on both cloudy and sunny days and they offer crystal clear vision no matter what type of lighting you’re in. I’ve tried both the brown polarized and the vermillion blue modulator lenses and let me tell you, the modulators hands down steal the show. A+ product, job well done Bolle!”


Recommendation: Photochromic is the magic word. This means that the lenses on the Bolle Nova will adjust according to the light. It´s a brilliant idea at an excellent price. We agree with the reviewer who said to go with the Bolle Nova Modulator.

Find them at the best price here of $50 or less


#2) Spy – Platoon Ski Goggles ($$)

top mens ski goggles

Spy Platoon oversized for large faces / vision

What People Say: “Oversized Perfection, that’s how to describe the new Spy Platoons. These bad boys are large and in charge. The Platoons don’t mess around when it comes to your field of vision thanks to the ARC spherical duel lens, they stay fog free with Scoop venting and the Isotron face foam ensures your comfort. I have been very stoked with these goggles and am more than happy to recommend them. They also look stylish and fit perfectly with or without a helmet. The Platoons are a solid choice and the extra bonus lens is a nice plus.”


Recommendation: Other reviewers have said that the bonus lens works well for night skiing. This, along with fog free features and wide range for peripheral vision inspires us to say “Go big or go home!”

Find them at the best price here of $140 or less


#3) Oakley – O2 XL Ski Goggles ($$)

oakley stylish mens ski goggles

Oakley O2 XL hot item with polar fleece face foam

What People Say: “The O2XL includes dual-vented lenses with Oakley’s trademarked F2 anti-fog coating. Among the best fields of vision you will find in a flat-lens goggle. Comfort is in ample supply with this model, as are good looks, which is par for Oakley’s course. Simply put, you can’t get better value in a new-for-’13/’14 goggle.”


Recommendation: Long time Breckenridge Colorado sports writer Devon O´Neil wrote this review, and he definitely knows his stuff. The combination of superb features makes the Oakley 02XL goggle a definite yes.

Find them at the best price here of $70 or less



#4) Giro – Blok Ski Goggles ($$)

giro wide mens ski goggles

Giro Blok expansive view and retro

What People Say: “These are some great lenses. I like to have a great range of vision, stay at a good temp, NEVER have fog, and a great fit in my goggles. These lenses get those results.”


Recommendation: Fog free with a wider range of vision seems to be the theme for the 2013-2014 season. The Giro Blok goggles combine a slick, retro style with modern technology. Giro fans are guaranteed satisfied.

Find them at the best price here of $90 or less




#5) Smith – I-OS Ski Goggles ($$)

smith frameless mens ski goggles

Smith I-OS see the best line down the trail

What People Say: “These are hands down the best goggles I’ve ever owned. Riding mostly around the PNW, it’s so important to have goggles that don’t fog and these goggles do the trick. The lenses are so easily interchangeable and I love my red sensor lenses for those overcast days. These goggles fit seamlessly with just about any Smith helmet and are perfect for smaller faces. If you don’t own these goggles yet, buy a pair. Right now.”


Recommendation: We could not have said it better. It is hard to find a good rose lens so these stand out from the crowd especially in low-light prone areas.  There is nothing worse than a bad pair of goggles in flat light.  Check these out and let us know what you think.

Find them at the best price here of $105 or less (40 percent off)


#6) Shred – Monocle Ski Goggles ($$$)

shred best ski goggles

Shred Monocle ski like Ted Ligety

What People Say “I bought these goggles one month ago, and have been using them since the season opened in Colorado. They have by far exceeded my expectations! The field of view is so wide I can’t see the edge of the frame. They are so comfy on my face I forget I have them on. Perfect fit with my helmet. The quality of the lens is unbelievable and the lens tint that comes in the Royale version is such a good all-around option that gives me the best vision also on flat light days while the purple mirror feature keeps my eyes protected when the sun is bright and the nodistortion feature keeps the lens perfectly working while all my other goggles have always had issues here in CO… bubbling up and making my vision is blurry.” An d the folks at Freskier Mag say: “Boasting a decidedly retro look, this goggle is an attention grabber. It also stands out for its patented NODISTORTION technology. The cylindrical dual lenses feature a small internal valve that equalizes pressure variation caused by changes in altitude. This prevents warping and distortion while simultaneously filtering moisture.”


Recommendation: Even better, they are compatible with a variety of helmet types. With no bad reviews anywhere, the Shred Monocle gets five stars!

Find them at the best price here of $120 or less


#7) Anon – M2 Ski Goggles ($$$)

best frameless goggles

Anon M2 from the makers of cool

What People Say: Men´s Journal Writes: “Swapping lenses can be a chore, especially in ski gloves. The M2 – which has a huge field of view – employs eight magnets around the frame for absurdly easy lens switching. You don’t even have to take it off your face.” Best Snowboard Gear Notes “These goggles are so futuristic using the effortless less changing system Magna-Tech as seen in Anon optic’s M1 goggle for easy pull, switch, snap lens changing. The Anon M2 integrate the Magna-Tech system with a stealth frameless design that provides an effortless ability to change lenses on the go. The Anon M2 goggles with Magna-Tech integrate 16 rare earth magnets into the carrier liner for 8 total points of connection, each with a pull force of 2.75lbs. With a total retention of almost 22lbs you should never worry of the lenses coming off. The Anon M2 goggles combine style, elegance, and function. The Anon M2 with Magna-Tech are the future of goggles.”


Recommendation: Ultra high tech, sexy as hell, yet pricey. If you can afford them, their coolness factor, not to mention their functionality, makes them worth it.

Find them at the best price here of $240 or less but hard to find


#8) Oakley – Airbrake Ski Goggles ($$$)

oakley airbrake best mens goggle

Oakley Airbrake a favorite all-arounder

What People Say: “These goggles come with two lenses. After a small learning curve, changing the lenses was fast & easy. Going from a flat-light set-up to blue sky takes about a minute. Excellent fog resistance, even during strenuous hiking at altitude.” And another happy camper says “The Oakley Airbrakes are solidly built, comfortable, stylish, the lenses are readily interchangeable, they breath well, fit with helmets well, and are what any serious pursuer of snow sports should try.” And a face planter notes: “They do not distort colors or depth perception I also face planted pretty hard and these didn’t scratch so A+ in my book and highly recommended.”


Recommendation: Changeable lenses, fog and scratch resistant . You can´t go wrong but don’t lose them as they are pricey.

Find them at the best price here of $220 or less


#9) Electric – EG2 Ski Goggles ($$$)

top mens goggles 2013

Electric EG2 oversized top seller

What People Say: “If you’re looking for a high performance goggle with tons color and lens options this is it. The eg2’s ergonomic design lets you see more of the mountain with less effort. A super flexy frame and soft triple layer face foam keeps goggles snug and your face warm. For the serious rider this goggle is a must have.” But a few detractors say that they fog and scratch easily. Thers say they do not fit properly with certain helmets.


Recommendation: With all the great new products out there, these should probably not be your first choice.

Find them at the best price here of $170 or less


#10) Smith – Vice Ski Goggles ($$)

best mens ski goggles 2014

Smith Vice medium size not overly huge

What People Say: “The Vice is simple and straightforward with high-quality construction. From 10-degree mornings to slushy spring afternoons, it never fogged. Plenty of peripheral vision, and you look sharp. Caveat: “Although it’s an interchangeable-lens goggle, it only comes with one lens; you have to order additional lenses from Smith if you want that versatility.”


Recommendation: Overall positive reviews, but if you ski in constantly changing conditions, spring for a high-end goggle with photochromic lenses.


Find them at the best price here of $140 or less




Big Papi’s Champagne Goggles

October 31st, 2013

bigpapigogglesThe sox did it again and for the third time this decade they were crowned world champs.  Growing up in Boston, I will always enjoy the years when watching the sox in late October keeps me occupied until the snow starts to fly.  Well nothing reminded me more of ski season being around the corner than Boston’s David Ortiz tossing on a helmet and goggles for the victory parade.


My only question is why did he change goggles halfway through the celebration?  It must have been the light, the helmet fit, or that they started to fog up.  No, it was probably just the champagne showers.  Anyway you slice it, he’s got quite the arsenal of this years top goggle pics.  See below for Big Papi’s quiver and our thoughts and recommendations on each model.


Nike Dragon APX, wide field of vision and new spaceage style


The new Nike Dragon certainly looks pretty sweet but it is also one of your best options for a durable goggle with interchangeable lenses.  The lenses pop out so easily that they can be swapped out between each champagne shower.  Go from dark to light when snow conditions change even without taking your gloves off.  While this is most certainly why Ortiz chose these goggles, you might want to check them out as well.  At $200+ they are an investment, but seeing is everything…especially when you are pushing the limits in difficult terrain.


Find a pair on sale here


Oakley Airbrake, fits helmets well with great lenses










Another great choice with quick interchangeable lenses (read: approved for champagne showers).  Arguably, these fit most helmets better and after seeing Ortiz readjust the Nike’s from sliding off his helmet, there is no doubt in my mind that he reached for the tried and true.  While most goggles have a tendency to fog in extreme conditions, it is much easier to carry a few extra lenses around than a few sets of goggles.  These goggles look great but also exhibit some of the best qualities about a goggle, hardly knowing it is there.  The clarity and lenses are top notch and I would recommend these to any avid skier looking for the “one”.


Find a pair on sale here


Oakley Simon Dumont Signature Splice, great value for a world record quarterpipe and ALCS championship










The Simon Dumon signature pro model was engineered to perfection.  And Dumont took notice of Ortiz dropping this in a facebook post last week during the ALCS celebration, “Bam! David Ortiz wearing my pro model splice. #goingalltheway #redsoxnation”.  I am glad Oakley retired the O-frame because despite offering a classic look it did not offer spherical lense for optically perfect vision.  These goggles are comfortable and come in a large variety of colors and tints, so you will not look like the loser on the chairlift next to you.


Find a pair on sale here


Ski Goggle Review Best of 2012 – 2013

November 22nd, 2012

If you are looking for a great pair of new ski goggles for yourself or as a gift, check out our reviews in this post. We’ve got something for all budgets, shapes and sizes.

Can’t find the perfect pair of goggles here?  Check out our 2013 – 2014 googles buyers guide (men’s and women’s).

#1 Anon M1 Goggle ($$$)

#2 Oakley Canopy Goggle ($$)

#3 Smith I/O Interchangeable Goggle ($$)

#4 POC Iris Bug Goggle ($$)

#5 Arnette Series 3 Goggle ($$)


#1 Anon M1 Goggle ($$$)

Description: Effortless lens change without the hassle. Spend less time fumbling with your goggles and more time riding with the Anon M1 Goggle. Its unique Magna-Tech design enables you to swap out your lens on the fly when the weather conditions change and you need a lighter tint lens to combat flat-light conditions. Plus, its stellar performance and fit has you more than stoked while you hunt for pow or perfect your mad pipe skills.


What People Say: The new M1 from Anon is one of the coolest new goggles in the market. There are 6 magnet connection points, and when all are fully bonded, the combined retention can hold up to 20 lbs. Pretty sure this is the easiest and fastest changing lens system out there! The M1 has a spherical lens that mimic the curvature of the human eye, so you can clearly in see in all directions. And all lenses have duel-lens construction and an anti-fog coating. The triple layer face foams makes these goggles fit like a plush pillow on your face. Highly recommend this goggle to anyone out there who wants technology, ease and style all in one. Bring on the snow!


Recommendation: New technology has this goggle leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.  The Magna-Tech feature allows you to easily change lenses and accommodate for all conditions.  Let me tell you, nothing better than actually being able to see on those variable winter days.  Grab a pair of these to make sure you are always a step ahead of your friends.



#2 Oakley Canopy Goggle ($$)

Description: Oakley’s biggest lens yet to help you see everything on the mountain, with or without prescription glasses. Oakley’s brand-spanking-new model for winter 2012-13, the Canopy Goggle, is the first oversized goggle produced by Oakley so you can enjoy the same solid style with even more vertical and peripheral vision as you throw down on the mountain. With the same vented dual lens and XYZ Optics you depend on for going big in the park, this gog gives you the biggest field of vision yet and even lets you wear your eyeglasses underneath its big, flexible frame.


What people say: These are huge feakin’ goggles, I mean a giant windshield for your eyes! They do look ridiculous with a hat on but the Canopy really shines with a helmet. I use a Giro and the goggles fit seamlessly. Your field of vision is superb and there is the added bonus of keeping the upper part of your cheeks warm, which for me is a place that always gets exposed when using the Crowbars. The lens and frame are the normal Oakley quality. Very comfortable to wear with an average sized face.


Reccomendation: If you’re in to big goggles, the Canopy’s are your choice.  These babies offer an improved field of vision and superior comfort.  Perfect for spotting your lines in the park, avoiding boulders on the steeps or dodging joeys on the groomers.  You’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you.



#3 Smith I/O Interchangeable Goggle ($$)

Description: Got to be good-looking because it’s so hard to see. Smith combined sleek styling with its easy-to-use quick release system to make the I/O Interchangeable Goggle your go-to all-season goggle. Smith uses its Vaporator lens technology on the I/O to keep fog off your lenses for crystal clear sight on the mountain.


What People Say: I have tried many different brands including Oakley and Anon but was never happy with them until I found these. I love the comfort level and how easy it is to switch out the lenses. Apart from great looks these works great in all conditions.


Recommendation: If you want one pair of goggles to do it all, keep reading.  The I/O provides great field of vision and includes two lenses that are very easy to swap out.  It is compatible with almost every helmet out there.  It’s an all-in-one type goggle, and a great choice for those who like to do it all.



#4 POC Iris Bug Goggle ($$)

Description: The POC Iris Bug Goggle proves the buzz about POC is well deserved. Triple-layer face foam, a conforming polyurethane frame, and helmet-gripping straps make the Iris Bugs some of the most comfortable goggles around—with or without a helmet. POC tricked them out with fog-resistant polycarbonate/cellulose propionate lenses for distortion-free vision and superior optical clarity. NOTE: each colorway features its own specific lens. Get the Blue or White frame if you’ll be riding a lot in low-light/overcast conditions; pick up the Green or Beige for bright conditions.


What People Say: When it comes to a high quality, good fitting goggle, most people will start to look at something that is $150 and over. No real need though, these are a good fit and equally as good of quality without dropping unnecessary funds. If you have a bigger face you may need something a little wider as these are sized for a medium face.


Recommendation: A great goggle that comes in a variety of colors.  Great for younger skiers as they are bright, fun and durable.  Reasonably priced so you can have a spare.  A great gift idea for the kids.



#5 Arnette Series 3 Goggle ($)

Description: You can see clearly now, the fog is gone. A hammer of a storm rolled through town and made the local shredding deep, like periscope-depth-only deep, so reach for the Arnette Series 3 Goggle and see clearly despite the steamy mess on the hill. Fleece keeps your face comfortable, ample venting means clear vision, and the helmet-compatible fit plays nicely with your brain bucket.


What People Say: I just got a pair of these and you can’t beat them for the price. They fit good and are helmet compatible. Lenses don’t fog up, and the colors are sick. Cool graphics too.


Recommendation: These are a solid choice and a great price point.  They provide everything you need without the bells and whistles of the higher priced goggles.  A great idea for those looking to hit the slopes a few weekends a year, and bring style and ease to their game.






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