Womens Ski Pole Reviews Best of 2011-2012

January 12th, 2012
 Best of ski pole reviews for the season, keep it strong, light and easy to use.

#1: Leki Trigger Flair S Womens Ski Poles ($$$)

Recommendation: Leki has consistently shown that it makes some of the highest performing poles out there. And the people agree. If you want to get to the bottom first, then this is the pole for you.

What People Say: Great design, Great functionality, Very well made. If you like Top of the line than that’s the one.

Description: The Leki Trigger Flair Ski Pole has proved to the outdoor enthusiasts as to the quality, value and technology that goes into every product. This Trigger Flair Ski Pole by Leki has the state of the art quick release strap with exclusive cord connection, internal auto-release spring visible through grip window and integrated positive angle for perfectly positioned pole plants. The connection between grip and strap and between grip and glove has been reduced to a ring-shaped cord, a tear proof material used in the production of parachutes lines. The Trigger Flair Pole by Leki provides an unmatched system of convenience, performance and security. This unique styling and construction combines for a quick, easy click-in/click-out performance.

Sizes: 44in-48in



#2: K2 6 Karat Womens Ski Poles ($)

Recommendation: K2 has always made a quality pole at a great value. It seems as though they continue to do so. The 6 Karat is a solid choice for any female skier looking for comfort and performance at a solid price.

What People Say: These are the first poles that my wife has owned, and she loves them! They are lightweight but still are durable and stiff.

Description: The K2 6 Karat is the flagship of the T:Nine pole series. An Alliance-tested smaller women’s grip is wrapped in saddle leather, accented with chrome featuring an improved strap design and topped off with a gem. Built with Exo12 Carbon Composite Technology, the 6 Karat is extremely lightweight and durable for the aggressive all-mountain skier.

Sizes: 46in-50in



#3: Salomon Origins Ski Pole ($$)

Recommendation: A great pole for all skiers. The enhanced grip gives female skiers more control and precision on the hill, while also providing leather flare.

What People Say: These are the first pair of poles I’ve bought. I used to rent, and the poles were always too big and heavy. The grip is a much better fit for my hands. And the pole is light but still durable.

Description: Ladies the Salomon Origin pole is a perfect pole for you. An Ergonomic bi-material womens grip is made specifically for the smaller female hand. The aluminum shafted pole has a standard strap and an ice tip for better grip on firm snow or stabbing your boyfriend when he has been starring at the ski bunny in the lift line for too long.

Sizes: 110cm-125cm



Mens Ski Pole Reviews Best of 2011-2012

January 12th, 2012
A top selection of mens ski poles from our experts.

#1: Leki Carbon 14 Ski Pole ($$$)

Recommendation: High performance pole, for the high performing skier. The lightweight design and secure grip give you extra precision and control on even the most difficult terrain.

What People Say: Fantastic! These are super light poles.

Description: First tracks over freshies only happen once a day, so drive yourself to the front of the crowd with lightweight Leki Carbon 14 Ski Pole. With the Trigger S pole-binding system built into the grip, you’ll have the secure connection you need to push with power and the safety to keep your wrists and arms injury-free in the event of a fall. Stabilize yourself with this carbon-shaft alpine pole, and enjoy the ride from the rope drop to the final chair.

Sizes: 115cm-135cm



#2: K2 6 Speed Ski Poles ($$)

Recommendation: These are a great top of the line all-mountain pole. K2 has continued to refine its technology to develop a pole that is durable, yet lightweight and comfortable.

What People Say: Great poles! Lightweight, stylish and get the job done.

Description: The K2 6 Speed pole is the top-of-the-line high-performance composite pole. The 2010-11 model is built with the most durable Exo 12 carbon fiber technology that provides the lightweight benefits of carbon fiber with durability previously found only in aluminum poles. New for 2010-11 this model includes a padded, e

rgonomic adjustable-strap system offering skiers better support and comfort.

Sizes: 46″-50″



#3: Swix Sonic Ski Poles ($)

Recommendation: Whether you’re skiing the park, the backside or just some front-side groomers, this pole does it all at a great price point.

What People Say: This pole is strong and durable, and does all that I ask it to. Definitely a great buy!

Description: Your blending all-mountain and free-ride styles demands a burly utility pole like the Swix Sonic Ski Pole. Built with a sturdy aluminum shaft, an ergonomically shaped DD4 grip, and versatile powder basket, the Sonic stands up to technical upper-mountain descents, countless park laps, and hard landings.

Sizes: 115cm-130cm



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