Comfortable Ski Boots Solved with Intuition Liners

January 20th, 2014

Comfortable Ski Boots Solved with Intuition Liners

We have your game changing solution to warm and comfortable feet in your ski boots.  Ski boots themselves are pieces of plastic engineered and pinned together to best transfer the power of your movements through to the skis.  However, designers often cut corners on the quality of their liners in order to keep “the boot” prices competitive.  If you spend a handful of days on the slopes every season, we strongly recommend you find yourself a comfortable, high performance liner.  After years of searching and trying custom injected foam liners, look no further, Intuition Liners has come to the rescue.  Their thermo-forming closed cell EVA foam consists of a million tiny bubbles and has a uniform cell structure and high cross-linkage between molecules.  Basically, it’s a warm memory foam mattress for your foot.  So rip that stock liner out of your boots, say goodbye to bone spurs and try a pair today…because nothing ruins your day more than a pair of uncomfortable boots.



intuition liners warm comfortable ski boots

SkiGenie recommends the Powerwrap for all skiers.  It provides a comfortable custom fit while allowing for maximum edge control and transfer of power to the ski and ski tip. 


If you are looking for something different see our recommendations by skier type:

  • All Mountain skiers should choose the….
    • Powerwrap, (Medium) for comfort and high edge control responsiveness
    • Dreamliner, supreme comfort and fully customizable without heating and form fitting


  • Big Mountain powder and freeskiers should choose the…
    • Powerwrap (Medium or High Volume) for comfort and high edge control responsiveness.
    • Pro Wrap, similar to the Powerwrap medium volume liner but with extra room in the toe box


  • Racers and serious shredders should choose the…
    • Pro Tongue, traditional thin high performance liner with extra room in the toe box
    • Pro Wrap (Plug) edition for a stiff snug fit without the traditional pinching tongue


Tips on choosing your liner:

  • If you are having trouble deciding between two models, order them both for the same shipping cost, keep the one you like and return the other.
  • If you have a wide calf try the wrap liner but if you have a narrow calf choose the traditional tounge liner
  • Most of Intuitions liners will work with custom footbed but be sure to try them in before you head out on the slopes
  • See instructions on how to heat fit your liners here
  • Additional suggestions for choosing the right liner can be found here



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