Top 5 Ski Movies Best of 2011-2012

January 12th, 2012

Here are the top 5 ski movies of 2012.  Check out the ski movie reviews, trailers, descriptions and cheapest price on the net:

#1: Attack of La Nina (Match Stick Productions) – $27.95

#2: The Grand Bizarre (Poor Boyz) – $27.95

#3: After Dark (Level 1 Productions) – $24.95

#4: Wintervention (Warren Miller) – $15.99

#5: One for the Road (Teton Gravity Research) – $27.95



#1: Attack of La Nina (Match Stick Productions):

attack of la nina best ski movie

Review: “Attack of La Nina” was awesome. The skiing was good. The cinematography was outstanding. The music was good. The pillow lines were fun to watch. I now want to go spend a week or two at Chatter Creek, wherever that is. The helmet cam footage was better than anything I had seen before. There were some great new angles I hadn’t seen before in a ski movie. Colby West and Cody Townsend also provide some unique entertainment.

Description: Matchstick Productions latest Ski dvd, “Attack of La Niña”, chronicles the winter of 2010-2011, the deepest North American winter in recent history. This DVD follows in the footsteps of “The Way I See It”, MSP’s 2010 release and the most decorated ski DVD of all time.“Attack of La Niña DVD” showcases the talents of today’s best skiers in a journey through the snowiest winter of their lives.

This action-packed Skiing film was captured using state-of-the-art cameras – demonstrates the limit of what is possible in modern freeskiing. Featuring super steep descents, unbelievably deep powder, and giant airs, “Attack of La Niña” will transport you to Colorado, Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, California, and many other world-class destinations.



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#2: The Grand Bizarre (Poor Boyz):

Review: What do you do when your formula turns stale, your strain less potent?  You fix it, right?  Maybe you press “reset” and start afresh.  Maybe you refine, you tinker, you change a few small things, remove a few impurities and see what the result yields.  Following a wry, mocking, circus carnival side-show opening title sequence soundtracked with Pleasurekraft’s underground club hit ‘Carny’, Bobby Brown gets down to business after literally setting himself on fire.  Burning his current image is a clever bit of self-deprecating commentary after his perfect “100” scores in the 2010 Winter X-Games.  He hits some bridges and expands his repertoire into the urban skiing discipline but the showstopper is the triple cork 1440 he lands, proving that he’s not content to let last year’s achievements sit still.  With Jeff Thomas’ departure from Poor Boyz to work on his own sports action production company (Switchback, with Mike Douglas) a director’s chair opened up and long time Poor Boyz production manager and editor Cody Carter got the call to move up.  Partnering with Tyler Hamlet, Grand Bizarre’s shots glide, pulse, and explode when needed.  At 50 minutes, it’s definitely a shorter film thanRevolver but it also seems tighter.  The action flies and by the end you just want to see it again.  And, of course when that happens, you know you have a winner on your hands.

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#3: After Dark (Level 1 Productions):

after dark ski movie top pick

Review: Overall, I feel that Level 1 did a great job this past season in producing After Dark.  I would recommend this movie to someone who enjoys seeing a majority of park and urban skiing but also likes to see a few big mountain shots as well. However, if you prefer strictly big mountain lines and massive cliffs then this is probably not the movie for you.   I feel that Chris Logan, Parker White, and Alex Bellemare did a great job in stepping up to the plate and filming some of the best segments in the movie. All three of these kids are relatively unknown and definitely underrated, but are sure to be remembered and anticipated in years to come after their performances in After Dark.

Description: After Dark DVD by Level 1. From the enchanted powder forests of Japan, the historic streets of Moscow, to the unthawed mountains of the West, and everywhere in between.  Level 1 Productions invites you into our spectrum of reality to see a succession of images, visions, sounds, and sensations quite unlike those of the conscious world.

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#4: Wintervention (Warren Miller):

Review: The theme for this years clip was based on interventions for ski enthusiasts. We are taken on an epic journey from pole to pole and every powder covered mountain in between. We get a glimpse into what it takes to ride these mountains from heli-skiing to having to hike or climb your way up. You get to see the various styles of skier as they navigate various routes, pushing the limits and defying gravity. Most of the time they succeed with ease with occasional epic runs raising the roof with cheers and ovation. Just to show these people are close to but not super human in there skills, we get the occasional bail thrown in here and there. The thing is, these skiers are going so big, the bails are in the same ranking and tended to get a decent groan from the crowd. Flying gear is always a sign of a decent bail. It’s amazing some of them got up after.

Description: Warren Miller Entertainment is stepping in to help you solve your skiing and snowboarding problem—and they’re bringing board-certified experts with them. Athletes like Hugo Harrison, Jossi Wells, Chris Davenport, JJ Thomas, Reggie Crist and Andy Mahre know all about the fine line between passion and obsession. They’re here to let you know: you don’t have a problem. It’s the people who don’t know what they’re missing that really need the help. For the past year, Warren Miller Entertainment has spanned the globe—literally. From ski mountaineering near the North Pole to launching zodiac boats toward the snowy shores of Antarctica, they leave no corner of the frozen planet untouched in their search for a cure to what ails you. There are terrain parks stocked with the sport’s top talent, peaks that define the Alaskan Chugach, and snow so deep it makes fat skis look skinny. This film is for those who drive with the windows down in January; who can often be found laughing while they shovel their walkways; and who consider their own back porches to be a season-long archive of local snowfall. Join others like you for a celebration of the one season that defines your year. Join everyone for a “Wintervention.”

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#5: One for the Road (Teton Gravity Research):

Review: The footage was good but pretty standard. In past years there’s always been at least one segment that raises the bar for coming years. This time it was just more of the same over and over. TGR seems to becoming more Warren Miller-ish. There was a weak plot (hey we’re on the road) with a drab Sam Elliot-ish narration.

Description: One for the Road DVD is a ski and snowboard Movie following some of the world’s most progressive snow sports athletes, documenting their lives on the road, and capturing some of the most stunning riding to date.

One for the Road is shot on location in Jackson Hole, Japan’s Hokkaido, Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Pemberton, BC, Nelson BC’s Baldface Lodge , and Juneau, AK.

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Attack of La Nina: Mark Abma, Sean Pettit, Eric Hjorleifson, Rory Bushfield, Henrik Windstedt, Cody Townsend, Jacob Wester, Ingrid Backstrom, Bobby Brown, Gus Kenworthy, Richard Permin, Colby West, James Heim, Callum Pettit, Alex Schlopy, Russ Henshaw, and Torin Yater-Wallace.

One for the Road: Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ian McIntosh, Chris Benchetler, Dana Flahr, Dylan Hood, Dash Longe, Rachael Burks, Callum Pettit, Griffin Post, Todd Ligare, Shroder Baker, Daron Rahlves, Josh Dirksen, Sven Küenle, Byron Wells, Seth Morrison, Erik Roner, Andreas Hatveit, Rory Bushfield, Nick Martini, Tom Wallisch, Mike Riddle, Grete Eliassen…

The Grand Bizzare: Bobby Brown, Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson, Dane Tudor, LJ Strenio, Nick Martini, Bene Mayr, Charley Ager, Tim Durtschi, Riley Leboe, Leigh Powis, Josh Stack, Mike Henitiuk, Cam Riley, Clayton Vila, Oskari Raitanen, Matt Walker and Carnies.

After Dark: Parker White, Tom Wallisch, Ahmet Dadali, Wiley Miller, JF Houle, Adam Delorme, Tanner Rainville, Alex Bellemare, Mike Hornbeck, Will Wesson, Chris Logan, Niklas Eriksson, Duncan Adams, Liam Downey, Josh Bibby, Logan Imlach and Friends






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