December 24th, 2013

Let there be light.  If you haven’t purchased a pair of ski goggles in a while you may be surprised to find that there are some cutting edge new styles.  While there are still the traditional styles, manufacturers have stepped up their game in order to revolutionize your skiing experience.  New this season are rimless designs and GPS enabled models.  But don’t get carried away here, we suggest you focus on a pair that fits your face, helmet, maybe has interchangeable lenses and a wide field of vision.  The price ranges vary but generally you get what you pay for with lens quality and performance in extreme conditions (read: don’t fog up).  See our recommendations for the best ski goggles this season and let us know if we can help by answering any questions that may arise while browsing.


#1) Bolle – Nova Ski Goggles Best Mens Ski Goggles ($)

best mens ski goggles

Bolle Nova lenses adapt to lighting

What People Say: “These are my first high quality snow goggles and let me just say WOW!!! I think Bolle has found themselves a customer for life. I absolutely love the look of these goggles and the comfort is unmatchable in my book, especially for the price. I honestly forget I’m wearing them sometimes, they are that comfy. I’ve never had any fogging issues because of the awesome design Bolle has implemented which allows air flow to pass in between the lenses. Granted you need to be moving somewhat for there to be any air blowing on the goggles, but still, I’ve had no fogging thus far. The only big recommendation I have is go for the modulator lenses, they may cost a little more, but you will not be disappointed! I’ve used these goggles on both cloudy and sunny days and they offer crystal clear vision no matter what type of lighting you’re in. I’ve tried both the brown polarized and the vermillion blue modulator lenses and let me tell you, the modulators hands down steal the show. A+ product, job well done Bolle!”


Recommendation: Photochromic is the magic word. This means that the lenses on the Bolle Nova will adjust according to the light. It´s a brilliant idea at an excellent price. We agree with the reviewer who said to go with the Bolle Nova Modulator.

Find them at the best price here of $50 or less


#2) Spy – Platoon Ski Goggles ($$)

top mens ski goggles

Spy Platoon oversized for large faces / vision

What People Say: “Oversized Perfection, that’s how to describe the new Spy Platoons. These bad boys are large and in charge. The Platoons don’t mess around when it comes to your field of vision thanks to the ARC spherical duel lens, they stay fog free with Scoop venting and the Isotron face foam ensures your comfort. I have been very stoked with these goggles and am more than happy to recommend them. They also look stylish and fit perfectly with or without a helmet. The Platoons are a solid choice and the extra bonus lens is a nice plus.”


Recommendation: Other reviewers have said that the bonus lens works well for night skiing. This, along with fog free features and wide range for peripheral vision inspires us to say “Go big or go home!”

Find them at the best price here of $140 or less


#3) Oakley – O2 XL Ski Goggles ($$)

oakley stylish mens ski goggles

Oakley O2 XL hot item with polar fleece face foam

What People Say: “The O2XL includes dual-vented lenses with Oakley’s trademarked F2 anti-fog coating. Among the best fields of vision you will find in a flat-lens goggle. Comfort is in ample supply with this model, as are good looks, which is par for Oakley’s course. Simply put, you can’t get better value in a new-for-’13/’14 goggle.”


Recommendation: Long time Breckenridge Colorado sports writer Devon O´Neil wrote this review, and he definitely knows his stuff. The combination of superb features makes the Oakley 02XL goggle a definite yes.

Find them at the best price here of $70 or less



#4) Giro – Blok Ski Goggles ($$)

giro wide mens ski goggles

Giro Blok expansive view and retro

What People Say: “These are some great lenses. I like to have a great range of vision, stay at a good temp, NEVER have fog, and a great fit in my goggles. These lenses get those results.”


Recommendation: Fog free with a wider range of vision seems to be the theme for the 2013-2014 season. The Giro Blok goggles combine a slick, retro style with modern technology. Giro fans are guaranteed satisfied.

Find them at the best price here of $90 or less




#5) Smith – I-OS Ski Goggles ($$)

smith frameless mens ski goggles

Smith I-OS see the best line down the trail

What People Say: “These are hands down the best goggles I’ve ever owned. Riding mostly around the PNW, it’s so important to have goggles that don’t fog and these goggles do the trick. The lenses are so easily interchangeable and I love my red sensor lenses for those overcast days. These goggles fit seamlessly with just about any Smith helmet and are perfect for smaller faces. If you don’t own these goggles yet, buy a pair. Right now.”


Recommendation: We could not have said it better. It is hard to find a good rose lens so these stand out from the crowd especially in low-light prone areas.  There is nothing worse than a bad pair of goggles in flat light.  Check these out and let us know what you think.

Find them at the best price here of $105 or less (40 percent off)


#6) Shred – Monocle Ski Goggles ($$$)

shred best ski goggles

Shred Monocle ski like Ted Ligety

What People Say “I bought these goggles one month ago, and have been using them since the season opened in Colorado. They have by far exceeded my expectations! The field of view is so wide I can’t see the edge of the frame. They are so comfy on my face I forget I have them on. Perfect fit with my helmet. The quality of the lens is unbelievable and the lens tint that comes in the Royale version is such a good all-around option that gives me the best vision also on flat light days while the purple mirror feature keeps my eyes protected when the sun is bright and the nodistortion feature keeps the lens perfectly working while all my other goggles have always had issues here in CO… bubbling up and making my vision is blurry.” An d the folks at Freskier Mag say: “Boasting a decidedly retro look, this goggle is an attention grabber. It also stands out for its patented NODISTORTION technology. The cylindrical dual lenses feature a small internal valve that equalizes pressure variation caused by changes in altitude. This prevents warping and distortion while simultaneously filtering moisture.”


Recommendation: Even better, they are compatible with a variety of helmet types. With no bad reviews anywhere, the Shred Monocle gets five stars!

Find them at the best price here of $120 or less


#7) Anon – M2 Ski Goggles ($$$)

best frameless goggles

Anon M2 from the makers of cool

What People Say: Men´s Journal Writes: “Swapping lenses can be a chore, especially in ski gloves. The M2 – which has a huge field of view – employs eight magnets around the frame for absurdly easy lens switching. You don’t even have to take it off your face.” Best Snowboard Gear Notes “These goggles are so futuristic using the effortless less changing system Magna-Tech as seen in Anon optic’s M1 goggle for easy pull, switch, snap lens changing. The Anon M2 integrate the Magna-Tech system with a stealth frameless design that provides an effortless ability to change lenses on the go. The Anon M2 goggles with Magna-Tech integrate 16 rare earth magnets into the carrier liner for 8 total points of connection, each with a pull force of 2.75lbs. With a total retention of almost 22lbs you should never worry of the lenses coming off. The Anon M2 goggles combine style, elegance, and function. The Anon M2 with Magna-Tech are the future of goggles.”


Recommendation: Ultra high tech, sexy as hell, yet pricey. If you can afford them, their coolness factor, not to mention their functionality, makes them worth it.

Find them at the best price here of $240 or less but hard to find


#8) Oakley – Airbrake Ski Goggles ($$$)

oakley airbrake best mens goggle

Oakley Airbrake a favorite all-arounder

What People Say: “These goggles come with two lenses. After a small learning curve, changing the lenses was fast & easy. Going from a flat-light set-up to blue sky takes about a minute. Excellent fog resistance, even during strenuous hiking at altitude.” And another happy camper says “The Oakley Airbrakes are solidly built, comfortable, stylish, the lenses are readily interchangeable, they breath well, fit with helmets well, and are what any serious pursuer of snow sports should try.” And a face planter notes: “They do not distort colors or depth perception I also face planted pretty hard and these didn’t scratch so A+ in my book and highly recommended.”


Recommendation: Changeable lenses, fog and scratch resistant . You can´t go wrong but don’t lose them as they are pricey.

Find them at the best price here of $220 or less


#9) Electric – EG2 Ski Goggles ($$$)

top mens goggles 2013

Electric EG2 oversized top seller

What People Say: “If you’re looking for a high performance goggle with tons color and lens options this is it. The eg2’s ergonomic design lets you see more of the mountain with less effort. A super flexy frame and soft triple layer face foam keeps goggles snug and your face warm. For the serious rider this goggle is a must have.” But a few detractors say that they fog and scratch easily. Thers say they do not fit properly with certain helmets.


Recommendation: With all the great new products out there, these should probably not be your first choice.

Find them at the best price here of $170 or less


#10) Smith – Vice Ski Goggles ($$)

best mens ski goggles 2014

Smith Vice medium size not overly huge

What People Say: “The Vice is simple and straightforward with high-quality construction. From 10-degree mornings to slushy spring afternoons, it never fogged. Plenty of peripheral vision, and you look sharp. Caveat: “Although it’s an interchangeable-lens goggle, it only comes with one lens; you have to order additional lenses from Smith if you want that versatility.”


Recommendation: Overall positive reviews, but if you ski in constantly changing conditions, spring for a high-end goggle with photochromic lenses.


Find them at the best price here of $140 or less




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