November 22nd, 2012

If you are looking for a great pair of new ski goggles for yourself or as a gift, check out our reviews in this post. We’ve got something for all budgets, shapes and sizes.

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#1 Anon M1 Goggle ($$$)

#2 Oakley Canopy Goggle ($$)

#3 Smith I/O Interchangeable Goggle ($$)

#4 POC Iris Bug Goggle ($$)

#5 Arnette Series 3 Goggle ($$)


#1 Anon M1 Goggle ($$$)

Description: Effortless lens change without the hassle. Spend less time fumbling with your goggles and more time riding with the Anon M1 Goggle. Its unique Magna-Tech design enables you to swap out your lens on the fly when the weather conditions change and you need a lighter tint lens to combat flat-light conditions. Plus, its stellar performance and fit has you more than stoked while you hunt for pow or perfect your mad pipe skills.


What People Say: The new M1 from Anon is one of the coolest new goggles in the market. There are 6 magnet connection points, and when all are fully bonded, the combined retention can hold up to 20 lbs. Pretty sure this is the easiest and fastest changing lens system out there! The M1 has a spherical lens that mimic the curvature of the human eye, so you can clearly in see in all directions. And all lenses have duel-lens construction and an anti-fog coating. The triple layer face foams makes these goggles fit like a plush pillow on your face. Highly recommend this goggle to anyone out there who wants technology, ease and style all in one. Bring on the snow!


Recommendation: New technology has this goggle leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.  The Magna-Tech feature allows you to easily change lenses and accommodate for all conditions.  Let me tell you, nothing better than actually being able to see on those variable winter days.  Grab a pair of these to make sure you are always a step ahead of your friends.



#2 Oakley Canopy Goggle ($$)

Description: Oakley’s biggest lens yet to help you see everything on the mountain, with or without prescription glasses. Oakley’s brand-spanking-new model for winter 2012-13, the Canopy Goggle, is the first oversized goggle produced by Oakley so you can enjoy the same solid style with even more vertical and peripheral vision as you throw down on the mountain. With the same vented dual lens and XYZ Optics you depend on for going big in the park, this gog gives you the biggest field of vision yet and even lets you wear your eyeglasses underneath its big, flexible frame.


What people say: These are huge feakin’ goggles, I mean a giant windshield for your eyes! They do look ridiculous with a hat on but the Canopy really shines with a helmet. I use a Giro and the goggles fit seamlessly. Your field of vision is superb and there is the added bonus of keeping the upper part of your cheeks warm, which for me is a place that always gets exposed when using the Crowbars. The lens and frame are the normal Oakley quality. Very comfortable to wear with an average sized face.


Reccomendation: If you’re in to big goggles, the Canopy’s are your choice.  These babies offer an improved field of vision and superior comfort.  Perfect for spotting your lines in the park, avoiding boulders on the steeps or dodging joeys on the groomers.  You’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you.



#3 Smith I/O Interchangeable Goggle ($$)

Description: Got to be good-looking because it’s so hard to see. Smith combined sleek styling with its easy-to-use quick release system to make the I/O Interchangeable Goggle your go-to all-season goggle. Smith uses its Vaporator lens technology on the I/O to keep fog off your lenses for crystal clear sight on the mountain.


What People Say: I have tried many different brands including Oakley and Anon but was never happy with them until I found these. I love the comfort level and how easy it is to switch out the lenses. Apart from great looks these works great in all conditions.


Recommendation: If you want one pair of goggles to do it all, keep reading.  The I/O provides great field of vision and includes two lenses that are very easy to swap out.  It is compatible with almost every helmet out there.  It’s an all-in-one type goggle, and a great choice for those who like to do it all.



#4 POC Iris Bug Goggle ($$)

Description: The POC Iris Bug Goggle proves the buzz about POC is well deserved. Triple-layer face foam, a conforming polyurethane frame, and helmet-gripping straps make the Iris Bugs some of the most comfortable goggles around—with or without a helmet. POC tricked them out with fog-resistant polycarbonate/cellulose propionate lenses for distortion-free vision and superior optical clarity. NOTE: each colorway features its own specific lens. Get the Blue or White frame if you’ll be riding a lot in low-light/overcast conditions; pick up the Green or Beige for bright conditions.


What People Say: When it comes to a high quality, good fitting goggle, most people will start to look at something that is $150 and over. No real need though, these are a good fit and equally as good of quality without dropping unnecessary funds. If you have a bigger face you may need something a little wider as these are sized for a medium face.


Recommendation: A great goggle that comes in a variety of colors.  Great for younger skiers as they are bright, fun and durable.  Reasonably priced so you can have a spare.  A great gift idea for the kids.



#5 Arnette Series 3 Goggle ($)

Description: You can see clearly now, the fog is gone. A hammer of a storm rolled through town and made the local shredding deep, like periscope-depth-only deep, so reach for the Arnette Series 3 Goggle and see clearly despite the steamy mess on the hill. Fleece keeps your face comfortable, ample venting means clear vision, and the helmet-compatible fit plays nicely with your brain bucket.


What People Say: I just got a pair of these and you can’t beat them for the price. They fit good and are helmet compatible. Lenses don’t fog up, and the colors are sick. Cool graphics too.


Recommendation: These are a solid choice and a great price point.  They provide everything you need without the bells and whistles of the higher priced goggles.  A great idea for those looking to hit the slopes a few weekends a year, and bring style and ease to their game.





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2 Responses

    Mark says:

    When commenting/evaluating ski goggles please have a special section for those of us who HAVE TO WEAR PRESCRIPTION GLASSES. So far everybody can see goggles for youngs = no eyeglasses but what about us? We enjoy skiing too!
    Thanks for your reviews.
    God bless

    alex says:

    Best OTG (over the glasses goggles) are the Smith Knowledge and Oakley Catapult


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