December 23rd, 2013

A selection of the top mens ski helmets for this year.  Listen, helmets aren’t the most exciting piece of equipment to buy.  Unlike skis they will not make you ski better, but you need one and it certainly will allow you to go faster (and be safer).  A good helmet can be found for under $100 but like anything in this sport you can easily spend upwards of a few hundred dollars on aerospace materials and audio systems.  So for helmets, there is no one size fits all but buyers should focus on fit, style, safety records and warmth.  For helmets, I prefer to buy from name brands who have the R&D budgets to properly design and test the materials.  See below for our reviews and recommendations…


For the price conscious try the Smith Gage, for hucking big cliffs safely check out the Lazer Hoodie, for a little style check out the Shred Toupee and for our top all-around pick check out the Giro Edit.


#1. Giro – Edit Ski Helmet ($$$)

safest mens ski helmet

Giro’s Edit is a high quality helmet fits all googles

Recommendation: One of the lightest helmets built at 375g, is low profile and packed with features.  Full x-static lining stays cleaner, secure goggle attachment and adjustable for the pitch angle of the helmet.  All this with a special mount for your camera. It´s a keeper!


What People Say: “Probably my favorite helmet to date. It’s very comfortable and fits well. The circumference and angle it sits on your head is adjustable so it can accommodate whatever goggles you have. The stack vent works great for keeping it from fogging up. I wear a balaclava over my nose and have had no issues with fogging, some of which I credit to the extra vent in the helmet.”

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#2. POC – Receptor Backcountry Ski Helmet ($$)

POC best ski helmet

POC Receptor Bug is highly regarded for safety

Recommendation: This helmet hugs the head in certain spots to provide maximum safety and thick comfortable padding.  Generally, it fits well but if you have an odd shaped head it can feel like it is pushing on pressure points.  Order it and if you don’t like it you can always return it.  If you are used to goggle clips this might not be for you.


What People Say: “After my little crash, I take no more chances. I was looking for the best possible protection for Alpine skiing. Let’s put it this way, I don’t usually ski slow. For this day in time, this helmet is the is at the top of the pack. Since you don’t know until it’s too late, the least I could do is make sure it has as many defensive mechanisms as possible. Concussion is to of the list. The MIPS, the teflon layer and ABS were impressive. Very thoughtfully designed.” Most reviews were along these lines, but there were some complaints abut the “useless goggle clips.”

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#3. K2 – Phase Audio Ski Helmet ($$)

best mens ski helmet with audio

K2 Phase Audio

Recommendation:  As Sean Petitt´s helmet of choice, this helmet already has a great rep.  Its built for both comfort and speed which is a tough balance to find anywhere else.  The helmet is sized true so no need to up or down size and the liner is plenty warm to use without a hat or skull cap.   Some people complained about the audio system, but that should not be the main reason to buy a helmet.


What People Say: “Great helmet. I was right between sizes so I went with the Medium. The helmet is sized true, it does not run big for the measurements, but fit me snugly as I wanted. I wore it 3 days skiing and it was very comfortable. I wore only the helmet with no hat or liner and I was quite warm the whole time. It was warm where I was at so the helmet was comfortable with the vents open, even hot sometimes, but I wanted a helmet that was warm for cold days so that is a positive for me as I didn’t want to wear a hat under the helmet. Unless you ski in extremely cold conditions I expect that this helmet will keep you warm if you close the vents. Only negative was that the front of the helmet pushed on the top of my goggles a little bit as they were bigger frame goggles. If you have a pair of goggles with a huge frame and lens you might have some contact there, but that is part of the design as the air is designed to flow through the goggles and helmet.”

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#4. Smith – Gage Men’s Ski Helmet ($)

smith top new ski helmet

Smith Gage good value for a solid bucket

Recommendation: Try it on in person if you have the opportunity.  If you are looking for a good value this certainly has all the features you will need but some say it looks big on people with smaller faces.


What People Say:  The Pros: Nice looking, excellent ventilation, fits well with Smith goggles, great price. The Cons: Many complaints about “disorganized design” and ear pads that keep falling out. A few sizing issues.

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#5. Shred – Toupee The Schwarz Ski Helmet ($)

shred best ski helmetRecommendation: According to the company “Shredvent: Uses A System Of Helmet Vents To Pull Warm And Moist Air Out Of The Goggles And Exhaust It Out Of The Helmet To Prevent Fogging, Shredwheel: Easy To Dial In A Custom Fit, Even With Gloves On, Shredry: Breathable, Temperature Controlling, Anti-odor And Anti-static Inner Lining So You Will Stay Dry, Comfortable And Warmer In Winter and cooler in summer.” This is a great helmet for those looking for something light and comfortable.


What People Say: There are not a whole lot of reviews and that is because those skiers chasing down its designer Ted Ligety don’t have a whole lot of time to waste.  I know the brand well, own one of their helmets and there is a reason Shred owners don’t chatter about helmets on the internet, they’re off skiing.  So trust if you will and try it out.

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#6. Anon – Rodan Ski Helmet ($$)

anon top review ski helmet

anon rodan’s sleek design for laying powder trenches

Recommendation: Sounds great, but aggressive skiers should realize that this is an in-mold construction. In-mold helmets are made by fusing the shell and shock-absorbing foam liner in a single molding process. They are sleeker and lighter than injection-molded helmets, but they provide less protection for those who subscribe to the school of hard knocks style of skiing.


What People Say: “I have owned other helmets in the past and none of them seemed to fit quite right on my dome. With the BOA system in the rodan I can adjust the helmet to stay on my melon and not wobble around while riding or landing tricks. Kept my head warm in 15 degree conditions and it’s well ventilated for much warmer days. My only gripe is the Velcro in the lining. Instead of being stitched in, anon glued the Velcro that holds the BOA system in place and sticky sides have come off. Not a big deal because it’s easily fixed but If you’re reading this Anon, please start stitching your Velcro in! All in all, great product and well worth the money.” Another satisfied customer writes “This helmet is very low profile and very lightweight. The fit is amazing thanks to the 360 degree boa retention. So far, this is the only helmet that hasn’t made me feel like an astronaut or like I was wearing a fishbowl on my head! Fits great with my M2 Goggles.”

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#7. Lazer – Hoodie Ski Helmet ($)

neon ski helmet

Lazer hoodie anotomically designed and light

Recommendation: Lightweight and safe offers an ideal combo. We also love their Interact technology. The website says it best “We recognize that goggles and helmets have a symbiotic but not monogamous relationship. This is why each Lazer snow helmet is designed to work with multiple partners so you do not need to be married to only one goggle brand.” Only one caveat: Freeskier notes that the fit is not adjustable.


What People Say: “An incredibly lightweight helmet that meets all the worldwide safety standards and will protect your dome when you need it to. Lazer is the worlds oldest helmet manufacturer, founded in 1919. They’ve been making bike helmets forever and have just moved into snow helmets in the last two years. Check em out you’ll be psyched on the fit and performance.”

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