November 11th, 2014

Wearing a helmet for protection is a necessity when using today’s ski equipment and traveling at high speeds.  The new highly engineered equipment is made with lightweight, strong materials and more sidecut to help initiate and carve smoother and faster turns.  But the resulting speed in the turns increases torque on the upper body and creates the potential for imbalance and falls. The imaginative new helmet designs will not only save you from serious injury but also and let you enjoy your speed experience in style and rhythm. Each season, we research present the best new women’s ski helmet reviews from the top manufacturers.   The helmets for 2015 are jam-packed with new tech features such as adjust-ability down to the contours of each head and venting to regulate body temperature.  Cushy soft linings, comfortable straps and options to let you groove to your favorite music while taking laps all day are some of the latest helmet amenities. We’ve compiled a list of top picks and where to buy them online. Please contact us with any questions, comments or add your own ski helmet reviews.

For safety certifications see each helmet review.  The “ASTM” denotes it meets U.S. industry standards and “EN” it meets European standards.  The specific Class A vs. B designation is related to head coverage and impact protection.  Class B has to protect the top and rear of the head but doesn’t have to cover the ears and must be able to withstand an impact from a drop height equivalent to 375mm (37.5cm) .  Class A has to protect the top and rear of the head and also the ears/side of the head and must be able to withstand an impact from a drop height equivalent to 750mm (75cm).  As a follow up to this article, we will compile a list of Class A helmets, however, these are generally full “racing” style helmets that cover the ears and aren’t as popular with recreational skiers, for example the POC Skull Orbic Comp.


Smith Arrival Ski Helmet Review

classic style – adjustable fit and vents – lightweight ($)

smith ski helmet for women

Smith Arrival

SkiGenie Review: Smith’s classic Arrival helmet delivers its classic proven fit and function, all with a ladylike polish. This is an excellent option for the resort skier looking for lightweight comfort in a timeless style that can be worn season after season. With tech features like a customizable fit, thoughtfully placed adjustable air vents, audio compatibility and removable ear pads, you’re sure to have a smooth ride from bell to bell in this ski helmet.

Description: Lightweight in-mold shell weighs only 14 ounces, so you aren’t going to feel top heavy when you’re schussing down the mountain. The Adjustable Dial Fit System gets the perfect fit with just the turn of a dial, and the fleece tricot lining keeps it cozy against your head. Overheating won’t be an issue thanks to the Airevac system that pushes air through the helmet and keeps your goggles clear.

What Skiers Say:

  • This was a great find! I have been searching for a well-constructed helmet with a great fit that fits my budget. The adjustable fit system lets me get just the right fit. I like the pearl finish too, just enough to make it less boring than plain white but not too flashy.
  • I have tried on many helmets trying to find one I like that works with my goggles. This one is the most comfortable and has vents I like. The front brim is shaped well to go over many goggles and it has vents positioned over the goggle vents and I love the silky fleece ear covers.
  • Product Video

Find it on sale for $100 or less at Backcountry, Berg’s Ski & Snowboard Shop, Eastern Mtn Sports, REI, & SummitOnline.

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B


POC Fornix Backcountry MIPS Ski Helmet

known for safety and quality ($$$)

safest ASTM helmet ratings and EN certification

Poc Fornix MIPS

Recommendation: With POC helmets at first the padding can seem a bit tight but once it packs out its perfect.  This is a great helmet and with the addition of MIPS it is now arguably the safest helmet on the market.  MIPS is a low friction layer between your head and the rest of the helmet.  The idea is that the layer breaks away upon impact (especially a oblique impact — when your head hits an object at an angle).  Additionally, it has all the bells and whistles such as goggle strap and adjustable head role; we highly recommend it.

What Skiers Say:

  • This helmet has every ounce of technology on the market and is competitively priced.  Comes with a variety of pads to help personalize the fit.  Has great venting and works well with goggles.  Known for safety and comes in some fun colors.  Works with all my different goggle brands. Feels light like a beanie.  The list goes on…

Find it on sale for $199 or less at Skis.comEvoBerg’s Ski & Snowboard ShopU.S. Outdoor Store & SummitOnline.

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077 CLASS B


Marker Consort Ski Helmet Review

 all-around great helmet – tech features – ample adjustable venting – stylish color & design ($$)

safe brain bucket for fast skiers

Marker Consort

SkiGenie Review: Built with all the features you look for in a helmet, the Women’s Consort is a go-to choice for those of you rack up days on the hill. Tech features like the fully adjustable fit and magnetic closure are ideal, while the soft fleece liner adds extra comfort on those cold days. Great for the backcountry thanks to the superior adjustable venting in this helmet that allows you to let off steam before sending it back down. The color options, cool logo design and embroidered ear pads add an understated style to the rest of your ensemble.

Description: The women’s Consort is a version that has been carefully refined to meet women’s specific needs. The extra-soft volume fleece inner lining offers extraordinary comfort and a significant warmth boost – yet its also removable and washable. RTS Fit System and the MarkAIR Channel System ensure an optimal fit and pleasant climate for the head.

What Skiers Say:

  • Super light with a double shell for extra protection from side impact, its magnetic strap closure gives a secure fit while cutting fiddle factor. The dial on the back adjusts the size and there’s a fluffy liner for extra warmth.
  • Product Video

Find it one sale for $110 or less at Backcountry, & SummitOnline.

Safety Certification: CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B


Salomon Shiva Custom Air Helmet

unique fashionable look – tech features – audio compatible ($$)

fashionable ski helmet for ladies

Salomon Shiva

SkiGenie Review: A super stylish option that will impress in the park and all across the mountain. Shiva’s style is complemented by tech features that create a fully customizable fit—removable audio-compatible ear pads and a comfortable padded chin-strap. This helmet adds a fashionable touch to the cool progressive skier looking to set herself apart from the crowd.

Description: The light weight, half shell Shiva combines Twin Shell for less weight and more airflow, with EPS 4D to absorb more shock than traditional helmets. Salomon’s Custom Air technology provides a personalized fit while the Twin Shell ventilation system keeps your egg from ending up over-hard at the end of a steamy day.


What Skiers Say:

  • The Custom Air means that with a push of a button an air-filled cushion forms around your head for a perfect fit. Be sure not to over-pump or the custom feature could fail.

Find it on sale for $120 or less at Backcountry & Evo.

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077 CLASS B


Salomon Aura Custom Air Helmet

big-mountain style – full tech features – audio compatible ($$)

built in audio ski helmet for women manufactured by Salomon

Salomon Aura

SkiGenie Review: The Aura has the look of a burly, big-mountain helmet and yet its pattern design and feminine touches from helmet to ear pads soften it around the edges. This helmet is fully tech’ed-out with Salomon’s custom air fit, ventilation, soft lining, removable, washable padding and audio compatibility. A great option for the dedicated skier that demands safety and style while getting after it.

Description: Oval fit, Custom Air system and a magnetic buckle help make Aura the most comfortable women’s all-mountain helmet available. Salomon’s Active Ventilation system gives you three different options to keep your temperature regulated whether its a frigid mid-winter day or you’re making the last turns of the season in your bikini top.


What Skiers Say:

  • I get a great fit with the custom air feature.
  • This helmet is lightweight, comfy and will keep you looking cute out on the hill. Lots of bells and whistles

Find it on sale for $150 or less at Backcountry.

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077 CLASS B


K2 Virtue Audio Helmet

intuitive ventilation – sleek stylish look – built-in audio for mp3 or phone ($$$)

textured, warm, stylish audio helmet with speakers for winter sports

K2 Virtue

SkiGenie Review: Unique to the K2 Virtue helmet is its efficient and thoughtfully placed ventilation. Its ample vents located where you’d place your goggles after a run, prevent goggle fogging. Its sleek, simple style with cute color pops on the logo and straps intend a subtle, womanlike look. This is another solid all-around, all-mountain helmet for the discerning skier looking for tech features with a unique, stylish flare.

Description: Arriving at the corner of style and comfort with a perfect fit and great performance is the Virtue ski helmet, a favorite among females. It’s the answer to all-day performance in a lightweight design. Featuring Dual Active Matrix Venting for customized ventilation, 360 K2Dialed Fit System for the perfect fit, and Level 3 Baseline Audio System to keep you connected without having to take your gloves off.

What Skiers Say:

  • I’ve tried other brand’s helmets and none have fit me as well as the K2. No gaps anywhere, no sliding around, easy to dial in with or without ponytail, and fit my non-K2 brand goggles great. Love the color, materials, and venting system. No fog in my goggles ever with the goggle vent, and top vent is very efficient. I would like to see a better quality audio system with louder speakers.
  • Easy to put on and take off, great construction, lightweight. It looks good, feels good, and is easy to adjust.
  •  Product Video

Find it on sale from $96-160 or less at Backcountry, Evo,, SummitOnline, Tahoe Mtn Sports, The House, & US Outdoor Store.

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077 CLASS B


Anon Galena Helmet

high safety construction – fully tech’ed out – lightweight  ($$$)

all white anon women's ski helmet with vents and cozy ear flaps

Anon Galena

SkiGenie Review: The Galena Helmet utilizes an advanced construction method for the ultimate in safety, and is well suited for big-mountain terrain or park and pipe. With all the tech features under the sun, this helmet is best for the high level skier looking to push her limits in a comfortable, easy to use, and safe ski helmet.

Description: Delivering the best in customizable helmet fit, Anon has partnered with the industry leader BOA® technology to create a fit system that allows for easy, on-the-fly micro adjustments with just a turn of the dial. The BOA fit system smoothly distributes pressure for all-day comfort, without adding any bulk to your kit. It features a hybrid of in-mold and Endura Shell construction to combine serious protection with a lightweight feel and low-profile fit, and it has adjustable vents for comfort in any conditions.

Find it on sale for $160 or less at Backcountry and Evo.

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077 CLASS B


Pret Facet Helmet

 superior venting – lightweight – wool blend ear pads – audio compatible – backcountry friendly ($$$)

ultimate women's ski head gear for safety on the slopes

Pret Facet

SkiGenie Review: This helmet makes a great option for backcountry skiing adventures by featuring the most vents of any helmet out there and a low profile design that can fit in your backpack. It is super lightweight with an adjustable fit and magnetic closure for ease of use. The fleece and wool blend audio-compatible ear pads keep you warm, and most importantly, dry on those uphill jaunts.

Description: The Facet provides completely adjustable ventilation for all conditions. Light weight and compact, the Facet features multi-shell, In-Mold Polycarbonate composite construction with ACT technology and the RCS fit system.

What Skiers Say:

  • My first reaction was “Dang, this is light!” Secondly, “Wow, this is comfortable.” The padding in the helmet is minimal, but just enough to be comfy.
  •  My new Pret is much lighter in weight than other helmets I’ve used.  Its low profile shape fit’s my head perfectly, but did take a day or two to break it in. There is an adjustable dial in the back that helps snug the helmet to your head for added support and comfort. No matter which brand of goggle I use I get no “gaper gap”. It’s got a vent system that is easy to adjust with my gloves on.
  • Product Video

Find it on sale for $170 or less at Backcountry, Evo, and SummitOnline

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077 CLASS B


Bern Brighton EPS Thin Shell Helmet Review

multi-sport use – great safety rating – good value ($)

bright pink and comfortable ski helmet

Bern Brighton EPS

SkiGenie Review: Versatility is the name of the game with Bern’s Brighton helmet. It will keep you warm and comfortable as a hard hat but is not a true “helmet”. But if you are an all-around outdoor sport enthusiast then this could be a great value for a helmet that meets standards for year-round sports.

Description: This model uses a thin ABS shell lined with EPS Foam to create a burly yet lightweight lid. This certified helmet is designed to crack and absorb a gnarly impact. Depending on the season your helmet will come with either an EPS Summer Comfort Liner or an EPS Winter Liner with options to buy the alternating season’s liner based on your needs.



What Skiers Say:

  • I like the helmet, though it fits on the snug side, it keeps me warm while skiing.
  • It’s warm and comfortable. Excellent value for the price.

Find it on sale for $100 or less at Backcountry & The House.

Safety Certification: None




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