November 5th, 2014

If you like to cruise groomers, hold on ice and punish the steeps our selection of the 2015 top men’s frontside carving skis will help you capitalize on all that time you spent improving your technique.  A pair of skis specifically designed for carving allows you to finish your turns on the steeps and better control your speed without “sliding”.  If you ski the resort and like to impress with your turns, frontside skis are far superior to many of their all mountain brethren, especially for advanced to expert skiers.  They are also great options for your local beer league ski races.  Specifications include more torsional stiffness in the tip and tail to generate powerful turns and better performance on the ice and hardpack.  So find your magic for arcing hard.

carving a turn at jackson holeSkiGenie 2015 Supernatural Awards for the Men’s Frontside Carving Ski Category.

(planks organized by descending waist width).

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Head i.Supershape Titan 

skis for carving fast turns

A new shape is designed to deliver automatic hookup in the tip, even at lower speeds / edge angles. 

The Head i.Supershape Titan is recommended by SkiGenie for advanced to expert skiers looking for a versatile frontside carving ski (70% frontside/30% off-piste). “It is built for maximum hard-snow integrity, with full sidewalls for edge grip; metal reinforcement for damp solidity at speed; and classic laminate layup for integrity.  The integration of piezoelectronics is really the differentiator. This technology turns mechanical energy into electrical energy, to ensure rigidity and grip at higher speeds and allows the ski to relax at slower speeds. Ski innovation or at least ski marketing at its finest!”

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Video Review | Radius: 15.5m (134-81-112mm) | Sizes: 156, 163, 170, 177cm

Blizzard X-Power 770 IQ

powerful carving ski for men

Amazing blend of new technology with full vertical sidewalls and amazing edge grip.

The Blizzard X-Power 770 IQ is recommended by SkiGenie for intermediate male adult skiers as a performance carving ski that will tackle the hardpacked groomers and scratchy afternoon conditions of most resorts (especially in the East Coast and Midwest).  The ski’s tip & tail rocker help skiers engage their turns.  The modest price-tag is a surprise as the construction utilizes the best materials on the market.

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Video Review | Radius: 15m (123-77-105mm) | Sizes: 153, 160, 167, 174cm


Nordica Fire Arrow 76 Ti

best carving ski on the market

Two skis in one with a stable GS body and an easy turning slalom tip for edge hold and stability.

The Fire Arrow 76 Ti is recommended by SkiGenie for intermediate to advanced male skiers with the skills and physical conditioning to handle a race-like carving ski (90% frontside/10% off-piste). The ski is quick and explosive, and will lay trenches in the groomers for days.

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Video Review | Radius: 14.0m (126-76-109mm) | Sizes: 152, 160, 168, 176cm | Other Review


Rossignol Pursuit 16

new men's ski

High-performance carving ski loaded with world cup tech and horsepower for technical skiers.

The Rossignol Pursuit 16 is recommended by SkiGenie for intermediate to advanced men looking for a carving ski speed machine with race-like construction (100% frontside/0% off-piste). Feel confident laying deep arcs on both hardpacked and scratchy afternoon snow conditions.  The construction highlights explosive power between turns with a touch of reverse camber in the tip to easy roll from edge to edge at high speeds.

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Video Review | Radius: 15.0m (124-74-104mm) | Sizes: 149, 156, 163, 170, 177cm | Other Review


Volkl Racetiger GS Speedwall UVO

beer league race ski

First of its kind ‘beer league’ race ski with race construction and a wider footprint.

The Volkl Speedwall UVO is recommended by SkiGenie for adults in Master’s and night leagues looking to set records and embarrass their friends under the lights (100% don’t drink and drive).

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Video Review | Radius: 19.1m (116-70-98) | Sizes: 175, 180, 185cm | Other Review


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