October 28th, 2014

The technology for powder skis has advanced over the past few years.  Top ski manufacturers now offer not only the latest and greatest in shorter sizes and with a softer flex, but have reshaped the molds and re-engineered the guts of powder skis to cater specifically to the female skier.  For more information, see our article on 2015 women’s ski trends.  All in all, this season there are some great ski options for ladies to explore the powder, backcountry, big mountain and much more.  If you just finished watching Lyndsay Dyer’s Pretty Faces capitalize on the inspiration and get yourself a new pair of sticks.  Below is our analysis on the best female powder skis buyer’s guide for aspiring powder hounds and backcountry skiing enthusiasts.

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SkiGenie 2015 Supernatural Awards for the Female Powder Skis Category.

(planks organized by descending waist width)

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Volkl One Womens

Volkl One Womens specific powder skis

Taper in the nose and tail allow this ski to go anywhere you point it with confidence.

The Volkl One Womens is recommended by SkiGenie for advanced to expert women skiers, looking for next level of powder skiing (90% off-piste / 10% frontside).  This is Volkl’s best powder specific ski yet, and one of the best deep powder and big mountain skis on the market.  Easy to ski and super stable but with plenty of float.

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| Radius: 20m (138-116-130) | Sizes: 156, 166, 176cm |


Blizzard Gunsmoke

Blizzard Gunsmoke soft buttery women's powder skis

All-around weapon that makes pow skiing effortless.

The Blizzard Gunsmoke is recommended by SkiGenie for advanced women adult skiers looking for twin tip powder skis for resort and backcountry terrain (30% frontside / 70% off-piste).  While the Gunsmoke is mainly advertised as a men’s ski, this ski is not stiff and will be forgiving and playful in softer conditions and deep powder days and as a result is a great option for women.

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| Video Review | Radius: 22m (140-114-130mm) | Sizes: 179, 186, 193cm |


Nordica La Nina

Nordica La Nina female ski equipment

Rockered, blunt-nosed ski perfect for those deep tree lines.

The Nordica La Nina is recommended by SkiGenie for intermediate female skiers looking for user friendly backcountry powder skis (30% frontside/70% off-piste). A forgiving ski that is great for those just looking to get outside the lines and ski some white, fluffy stuff.

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| Video Review | Radius: 14m (143-113-132mm) | Sizes: 161, 169, 177, 185cm | Other Review |


Line Pandora

Line Pandora women's blue powder skis

Light, nimble and fun feel and geometry to surf pow while maintaining plenty of control on firm snow.

The Line Pandora is recommended by SkiGenie for advanced to expert adult women skiers looking for a powder specific ski with the latest technology in construction (20% frontside / 80% off-piste).  Powerful when it has to be and nimble when you ask it to be, this ski design benefits from an early taper tip and tail giving it a surfy feel.  Allow these graphics to make a statement in a lift line near you.

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| Video Review | Radius: 12.2m (142-110-125mm) | Sizes: 152, 162, 172, 179cm | Other Review |

Head Big Joy 

top ranked women's powder skis for expert big mountain skiers

A dramatically different women’s ski with high scores for versatility and float.

The Head Big Joy is recommended for advanced female skiers looking for a non-nonsense bomber that does it all (30% frontside/70% off-piste). It’s the Holy Grail of light and strong wood core is reinforced with graphene, a sheet of carbon one atom thick that earned its developers the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. A rockered tip floats in the deep, and low-profile camber in the rest carves on groomed. It’s more directional than smeary, but it craves speed. For ladies who like to go big, especially if you take a heli trip or frequent the Wasatch, Jackson or AK.

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| Video Review | Radius: 14.8m (149-110-132mm) | Sizes: 158, 168, 178cm |

Atomic Century 109

Atomic Century wide width underfoot female ski gear

Super light build, a fat waist and powder rocker for flotation and sprocket power boosters.

The Atomic Century 109 is recommended by SkiGenie for intermediate to expert adult women skiers as powder skis (30% frontside / 70% off-piste).  The ski performs well at most Western resorts known for softer snow conditions, but the lightweight poplar wood core makes it difficult to drive on the hardpack.

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| Video Review | Radius: 16.5m (132-109-122mm) | Sizes: 159, 167, 175cm |


Rossignol Savory 7

Award winning backcountry powder skis for ladies

Revolutionary fusion of backcountry freestyle and freeride performance.

The Rossignol Savory 7 is recommended by SkiGenie for advanced women looking for an all-purpose freeride ski (30% frontside/70% off-piste). After years of perfecting the new freeride line, this ski deserves high marks for its performance across snow conditions.  On the trail the Savory 7 initiates turns easily. On the steeps and in soft snow, the lightweight tip and tail reduce swing weight and increase maneuverability without sacrificing stability (fully explained here).  The snow contact edge is decreased due to rocker, so choose a longer pair.

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| Video Review | Radius: 17m (136-106-126mm) | Sizes: 162, 170, 178cm |


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