October 28th, 2014

The hardest thing about choosing skis is not selecting between manufacturers and lengths, it’s simply a skier’s indecisiveness about equipment type.  Alpine skiing is an outdoor activity and mother nature is unpredictable so out of necessity, all manufacturers market their skis as “x” and “y” but all mountain.  However, it is important that you select a true all mountain ski for all the right reasons.  What are the right reasons?  You travel and ski different resorts often, you only ski a few days a year, you always stick to resort terrain, but you like to go fast, carve big turns, handle icy conditions and occasionally hit the back bowls if the conditions are right.  This is the most common skier persona but it is still important to think about.  True all mountain downhill skis for women live near the 85-95mm range underfoot and it often depends if you plan to ski on the east coast or west coast more frequently.  We are here to help and this guide will provide you with the best women’s all mountain downhill ski reviews and buyer’s guide selections for the upcoming season.  Tackle the resort groomers, eastern ice, western tree lines, steep moguls and occasional powder!

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SkiGenie 2015 Supernatural Awards for the Women’s All Mountain Ski Equipment Category.

(skis organized by descending waist width).

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Nordica Nemesis

98mm women's all purpose skis

Downhill Skis that eliminate the lapse that many rockered skis have had on hardpack.

The Nordica Nemesis is recommended for advanced to expert females as a western all mountain ski (40% frontside/60% off-piste). The updated tip and tail design make this year’s Nemesis more maneuverable in the powder and a dependable backcountry ski.

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Video Review | Radius: 15.5m (134-98-118mm) | Sizes: 153, 161, 169, 177cm | Other Review


Line Soul Mate 90

best graphics for ladies skis

Solid, high-speed power, thru firm terrain while maintaining plenty of float in soft snow.

The Line Soul Mate 90 is recommended for intermediate adult women looking for a tamer all mountain ski (50% frontside / 50% off-piste).  Good for women who like to turn and control their speed, the Soul Mate is responsive and easy to ski, but not recommended for those trying to chase Lyndsay Vonn down the mountain.

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Video Review | Radius: 13.7m (125-90-113mm) | Sizes: 151, 158, 165cm


Blizzard Black Pearl

high performance blizzard black pearl all mountain ski

Elevate your game on trail and off trail with a ski that is amazing in every condition imaginable.

The Blizzard Black Pearl is recommended for intermediate to advanced adult women as an all mountain freeride ski capable of fast resort skiing and the occasional powder day (70% frontside / 30% off-piste) on the East or West coast.  With camber underfoot, the Black Pearl downhill skis command grip on the groomers but comes with a width that allows for all mountain exploration.

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Video Review | Radius: 18m (125-88-110cm) | Sizes: 152, 159, 166, 173cm | Other Review


Nordica Wild Belle

top ski recommendation for women

Women’s equivalent to the NRGy, an all mountain ski with camROCK to increase the versatility.

The Nordica Wild Belle is recommended for intermediate to advanced women looking for a solid all-around ski (75% frontside/25% off-piste). It has a more playful tip and tail shape that allows it to float through powder and variable snow, while absorbing bumps.  These shape modifications slightly affect the ski’s ability to grip ice.

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Video Review | Radius: 15.5m (124-88-108mm) | Sizes: 145, 153, 161, 169cm | Other Review


Fischer KOA 88

easy turning women's all mountain ski recommendation

Air Tec Ti for better performance with less weight.

The Fischer KOA 88 is recommended by SkiGenie for advanced to expert level skiers as a one-ski-quiver for all mountain freeski fanatics (55% frontside/45% off-piste). Fischer is known for high performance sidewalls and this ski holds an edge so well it provides confidence for going fast or navigating icy conditions.  The addition of Freeski rocker compliments its agility and creates a shorter contact length to ensure that the ski’s turn initiation is effortless.

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Video Review | Radius: 15.0m (128-88-115mm) | Sizes: 152, 160, 168cm


Rossignol Temptation 84

women's best all mountain carving skis

Heart of a high-performance carving machine with an effortless freeride feel.

The Rossignol Temptation 84 is recommended for intermediate women looking for an all mountain resort ski (80% frontside/20% off-piste). Point these skis downhill and feel confident cruising at speed or controlling your speed on more difficult terrain.  Excellent for Western resort corduroy. For the same confident feel, East Coast skiers should consider the Temptation 80.

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Video Review | Radius: 16.0m (133-84-120mm) | Sizes: 146, 154, 162, 170, 178cm


Salomon Q-83 Myriad

purple and blue skis great for tree skiing

Offers comfort and control on piste with utility rocker and hook free taper.

The Salomon Q-83 Myriad is recommended for intermediate to advanced adult women skiers who crave a stable all mountain ski (70% frontside / 30% off-piste).  Downhill skis sporting plenty of sidecut and solid construction, this ski is constructed to help improve technique while controlling speed.

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Video Review | Radius: 13.6m (128-84-112mm) | Lengths: 152, 159, 166, 173cm | Other Review

Atomic Vantage Polarity

atomic women's skis good for hard snow conditions

Ideal for less-experienced All Mountain ladies looking to cruise the groomers and dabble off-piste.

The Atomic Vantage Polarity is recommended for intermediate adult women skiers as a fun all mountain vehicle, with a frontside trail bias (70% frontside / 30% off-piste).  These skis provide better snow contact creating grip and stability while carving turns.  Also in the Vantage family, the Elysian and Supreme have wider widths for advanced skiers looking to conquer more adventurous terrain.

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Video Review | Radius: 14m (120-83-104mm) | Sizes: 149, 157, 165cm


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