Men’s Ski Helmets for Safety and Cool Factor 2015

November 5th, 2014

Wearing a helmet while skiing is an absolute necessity. Gone are the days of rocking a flimsy beanie while sending lines or ripping groomers. Our desire to ski steeper and deeper terrain and charge down slopes packed full of skiers and riders results in our need to wear a protective helmet for our noggins. In this article, we’ve assembled a selection of new men’s helmets for the coming ski season that are sure to suit your needs for protection and safety while still looking good, providing warmth and even playing your favorite tunes. Please feel free to leave questions, comments and your own reviews below.

For safety certifications see each helmet review.  The “ASTM” denotes it meets U.S. industry standards and “EN” it meets European standards.  The specific Class A vs. B designation is related to head coverage and impact protection.  Class B has to protect the top and rear of the head but doesn’t have to cover the ears and must be able to withstand an impact from a drop height equivalent to 375mm (37.5cm) .  Class A has to protect the top and rear of the head and also the ears/side of the head and must be able to withstand an impact from a drop height equivalent to 750mm (75cm).  As a follow up to this article, we will compile a list of Class A helmets, however, these are generally full “racing” style helmets that cover the ears and aren’t as popular with recreational skiers, for example the POC Skull Orbic Comp.


Pret Helmets Cynic  

Pret Helmets Cynic – simple, understated – light – soft ear material ($)

green half bucket helmet with flare

Pret Helmets Cynic

SkiGenie Recommendation: Deemed one of the lightest helmets on the market, this helmet lets you forget it’s on your head as you rip around all day. When we care most about our new skis and fresh outerwear, we want a discreet helmet that can be a necessary part of the kit. The Pret Cynic will be there to complement your gear and keep you safe without stealing the show.

Description: Deceptively simple, clean, and capable with a skate-inspired design. All conditions. All areas. Featuring a removable audio-ready sound curtain and ecoSmart recycled liner.

What Skiers Say:

  • I personally love this helmet for its lightness, comfortable fit and great venting. It’s also set apart from the rest in its clean, simple design, which makes me feel unique.
  • Product Video

Find it on sale for $100 or less at Backcountry, Evo,, & SummitOnline.

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B


Anon Talan Helmet  

Anon Talan Helmet – park style – goggles fit underneath – magnetic closure ($)

warm ski helmet with soft chin strap

Anon Talan Helmet

SkiGenie Recommendation: If you like wearing your goggles under your helmet then this is the one for you. Winner of the 2015 “Editor’s Pick” in Freeskier Magazine, this helmet is specifically designed for the park skier, integrating park style with safety. In addition to the comfortable fit, it includes a magnetic snap buckle, that makes it easy to take on and off.

 Description: The Anon Talan helmet is integrated with passive ventilation channels to draw in fresh air through the front vents and pull moisture out the back, cooling you down without chilling you out. A Boa fit system ensures optimal comfort, and Strap Stash, a recess in the customized EPS foam liner, allows you to comfortably sport your goggles under the helmet.

What Skiers Say:

  • I got this helmet mainly for the BOA system because I like a snug fit. The helmet is very large, not the actual fit, but the helmet itself is quite big, making it difficult to fit my hood over it.

Find it on sale for $110 or less at Backcountry, Berg’s Ski & Snowboard Shop, Evo,, SummitOnline, The House & US Outdoor Store.

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B


Marker Ampire Helmet  

Marker Ampire Helmet – all-around great helmet – comfortable – light – audio compatible – unique color options ($$)

safe ski helmet with good venting

Marker Ampire

SkiGenie Recommendation: An excellent all-in-one helmet that’s stylish, safe, ventilated and audio compatible. This helmet is fit with a small visor that helps keep goggles in place and minimizes any gap between goggle and helmet. Constructed with ultra-lightweight material and adjustable open or closed ventilation, the Marker Ampire  comes in classic black or white or in fun, colorful options.

Description: Thanks to premium quality hybrid shell construction this helmet is light, comfortable and rugged. The RTS fit system means that it adjusts to your head’s shape in one simple step.  Paired with new Marker goggles, the Ampire forms a superlative unit that reduces any goggle fogging. The ear pads are compatible with audio systems so that your tunes will be with you wherever you are.

What Skiers Say:

  • Comfortable, seems secure, seems to work based on a few impacts. Can add speaker system to earpads, which is a plus. The buckle is unique and really cool, it uses a magnetic system to make it easy to unlock with a single gloved hand.
  • Product Video

Find it on sale for $129 or less at Backcountry, & SummitOnline.

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B


Salomon Prophet Custom Air Helmet

Salomon Prophet Custom Air Helmet – big-mountain performance – snug, custom fit – removable padding ($$)

helmet for men's freeride skiing

Salomon Prophet

SkiGenie Recommendation: This helmet is built for the hard charging skier ready to push his or her limits. The customizable fit eliminates any movement between the head and helmet creating a snug, comfortable and safe interface. It even has ear pads for warm, spring days and a completely removable lining to wash out after epic adventures.

Description: Top of the line big mountain helmet with Custom Air fit system and built in visor. Light, protective, ready for big descents in big conditions.

What Skiers Say:

  • The Salomon Prophet Air fits nicely all around and has performed well in the park and out of bounds.
  • This helmet fits very comfortably, plus the solid build and the “air” inflation system are great. I also liked the addition of the mesh over the air vents, which prevents snow from coming into the helmet.

Find it on sale from $160-175 or less at Backcountry,, SummitOnline & US Outdoor Store.

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B


POC Receptor+ Helmet

 POC Receptor+ Helmet – multi-sport versatility – advanced safety – snug fit ($$)

classic and cheap ski helmet for men

POC Receptor+

SkiGenie Recommendation: Versatility is the name of the game with the POC Receptor+. If you pursue multiple sports throughout the year then this is your one-helmet quiver. Built to be knocked around, this helmet is as safe as it gets and is suitable for taking hard falls on the slopes.

Description: Receptor+ is developed for multi-disciplinary activities and is the only helmet in the world that has the appropriate safety certifications for skiing, snowboarding, biking, skateboarding and water sports. The helmet is equipped with the patented VDSAP system with double overlapping shells and has an Aramid Penetration Barrier and a multi-impact EPP liner.

What Skiers Say:

  • I’ve had it for two seasons now and love the way it fits and how durable it is. It’s taken some serious hits and still holds up. I have POC goggles, and it’s a seamless fit. Really impressed.
  • I love this helmet, yet be aware of the fit. POC helmets fit a little smaller than giro and smith. Otherwise, it is a great helmet.
  • Product Video

Find it on sale from $150-$220 or less at Backcountry, & SummitOnline.

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B


Smith Vantage Helmet

Smith Vantage – all-around performance & comfort – superior venting – audio compatible ($$$)

best selling ski helmet made by smith

Smith Vantage

SkiGenie Recommendation: Another great all-around helmet option from Smith. The fit, comfortable padding, customizable ear pads and sleek design create a top contender in the 2015 helmet lineup. It comes in understated yet cool color options and has perhaps the most vents of any helmet out there to create a climate- controlled environment.

Description: The Vantage was built for the hard-core, demanding the ultimate in everything. Using AEROCORE™ construction that features Koroyd® simultaneously maximizes full coverage protection and increased airflow. For the most custom fit, the Vantage offers the Boa® fit system. Combine all this with the Smith pioneered AirEvac technology for goggle integration, and the Vantage delivers the perfect blend of technology, venting and style.

What Skiers Say:

  • I’ve been really happy with the Smith Vantage. The BOA system makes it easy to adjust for just the right fit. The Vents are easy to open or close while skiing, and it keeps my head safe and warm.
  •  This is the best helmet I’ve ever owned. It vents super well, I haven’t had a single problem with fog. Smith stepped the game up over my old Variant helmet with a protective mesh on the vents and it’s quieter, with less wind noise.
  • The BOA system is great and will give you a snug fit even on the strangest head shapes. Also the earpads are removable and have a zippered pocket so you can add speakers.

Find it on sale from $143-$220 or less at Backcountry, Berg’s Ski & Snowboard Shop, Eastern Mountain Sports, Evo, REI, & SummitOnline.

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B


POC Fornix Backcountry MIPS Helmet

POC Fornix Backcountry MIPS Helmet – advanced safety design – super lightweight – streamlined look ($$$)

the safest ski helmet technology for serious skiers

POC Fornix Backcountry MIPS

SkiGenie Recommendation: POC has designed one of the safest helmets out there with the MIPS system, that both protects your head on initial impact and as you continue to tumble. Its streamlined design is a lightweight, no-frills answer for the dedicated skier out there pushing the limits either in the backcountry or in bounds.

Description: The Fornix Backcountry MIPS is known for its award winning lightweight and aramid reinforced shell. The helmet is equipped with the patented MIPS system to reduce the rotational forces to the brain in case of an oblique impact. The Fornix is generously ventilated and the size adjustment system makes it possible to customize the fit of the helmet to make sure it stays safe and comfortable in place.

What Skiers Say:

  • I like the look, it’s reminiscent of helmets past like the round Boeri helmet. It doesn’t have a visor, which makes flipping your goggles up easier.
  • The helmet is really comfortable. There are no pressure points, the harness doesn’t dig in anywhere, and it fits the shape of my head nicely. It has generously cut and soft ear pockets that are comfortable all day long.
  • Product Video
  • Check out another comprehensive review here

Find it on sale from $200-$219 at Backcountry, Berg’s Ski & Snowboard Shop, Evo,, SummitOnline, Tahoe Mtn Sports & US Outdoor Store.

Safety Certification: ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B


*Check out additional men’s ski helmets reviews from Freeskier and Active Life Store



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